Readings for the Resistance No. 3 [February 5. 2017]

I have several different, but not opposing, goals for these “Readings for the Resistance” roundups. Some of the posts and articles I’ll share are practical–they advise or offer support. Some are analytical–they provide background and context for recent events. They’re stories I found thought-provoking, or provocative (not necessarily the same thing), or perspective-shifting.

I collect more links over the course of a week than I include in these posts. And there are links I don’t save for these posts at all–if they’re addressing what’s literally the “news of the day,” they go out on social media and don’t wait for this.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that things have only been like this for a little over two weeks.

readings for the resistance 2-5-2017 dropmark collection

Because it’s important to try to understand who we’re dealing with…

Because who we are as a people and a nation is being redefined daily…

Also this: Fake News Aimed at American Liberals Is on the Rise – The Atlantic

And because we’re trying to cope and resist and roll with all this without wearing ourselves out too soon…

We’re living the New Normal..and we may even be able to learn to love it:

“We’re worried that the discrimination, lies, violence, racism, misogyny, fascism, overstepping authority, embarrassing statements, threats, bans, white supremacy, dismantling the system, and belligerence are the New Normal. They’re not, though. They’re the New Temporary. As the New Temporary they’re truly disgusting, but they’ll only become the New Normal if we stop fighting and working and pushing as hard as we can.

“The real New Normal here is who we’re becoming in the middle of this.

“Who are you now that you weren’t on November 7? I bet you have more layers, more resilience, more compassion, more strength, and better boundaries now than you did then.”

How’s your normal?


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  1. Carl has been spending every free moment reading things like this and he’s keeping me informed. We’ve been making lots of phone calls.

    1. I haven’t done much calling because my Senators pretty much share my views (yay, California!). That said, I’m in a Republican-controlled Congressional district, so I’m probably going to have to get involved there. (And I HATE phone calls, so this’ll be a challenge.)

  2. I really have been active and calling reps outside my area, but I’m not sure how effective that is. I’m trying to mobilize the people I know in those areas so it can do the most good, but doing it every day is exhausting. I’ve tried to do 1-3 things per day and on different issues, but some days it feels overwhelming…especially when he’s bombarding everyone with so much all at once.

    1. I’ve been reading that it’s better to confine your direct contact efforts to your own representatives. If you’re not a constituent, they really don’t have as much reason to pay attention to you. And it’s going to be a long haul–don’t burn yourself out!

  3. I’ve gotten involved in local politics, as I should have done years ago, but better late than never. I find that a focus helps me avoid feelings of helplessness and burnout, so I’ve chosen to focus on media, and am slowly subscribing to more publications.