the last post-election reading list

The Last Post-Election Reading List (probably)

This will probably be the last post-election reading list I share here.

Perhaps the blog’s been a little too political for some readers recently. I got an email from Feedblitz over the weekend saying someone had unsubscribed for reason “02: Offensive, strongly disagree or disapprove.”

I was surprisingly undisturbed by that. This is the space where I distill my thoughts on what I read and where all opinions are my own. I understand that you may not agree with them…but honestly, if you disagree that much, I’d rather you leave than hang around and troll.

However, that’s not the reason I think this will be last post-election reading list. This thing happened nearly a week ago now. It’s time to stop ruminating, pick ourselves up, and figure out where we go next.

(Besides, this list is pretty long. It’ll take you awhile to get through it.)

People: Processing, Planning (and Protesting, Too)
Publications: Perspective (And It’s Not Pretty)
Hyperbolic catastrophizing? Maybe, maybe not…
Opinions from our Neighbor to the North:
Foresight and Hindsight:
Gearing Up for the Challenges Ahead
This is an open Google document. It lists practical actions for those whose rights, liberties, and health may be threatened by a conservative administration.
Emily Ellsworth is a former Congressional staffer
This “choose your own adventure”-style online narrative game could be a valuable tool in building that culture. Its goal is to build understanding and empathy through confronting microaggressions.


We will return to regular programming with book discussions later this week. However, political and social topics may become semi-regular programming around here too,

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