Sunday Salon: Conferencing, Bookmarking, questioning, and so on…


A query for those of you with e-book readers (regardless of brand): Do you find that your reading speed with an e-book differs from that with a print copy?

I’m noticing that I don’t seem to read books on my Kindle as quickly as I read trade paperbacks, and I’m trying to figure out why. I’d understand it if I were multi-tasking – and, incidentally, I’ve found that the most successful way for me to read more than one book at a time is if one of them is an e-book, but if I’m doubling up, it tends to to take me longer to read both books anyway. Since the Kindle is even more easily portable than a “regular” book, I really didn’t think I’d read more slowly on it, but that seems to be the case. Could it be that I’m still adjusting to it, since I’ve only read 4 books on it so far? Are the books I’ve chosen to read on it not ideal for the e-book experience? Or is it just me?

There’s a whole crowd prepared to tell you everything you want to know – including why you should go – about attending Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention. And some of the questions they’ll be answering are also applicable to the other conference I’m trying to get you to attend, so do check out the BBCon’s blog tour…but don’t forget my “Book Bloggers at BlogHer’10” campaign! (Early-bird registration – and pricing – remains open until February 28.)

[whiny aside]But I’m starting to be afraid I jumped too soon on BlogHer’10 – not that I’m sorry I’ll be going, but that I committed so quickly that BEA and BookBloggerCon aren’t options for me now, and so many of the people I’d like to see in person may be doing the Con instead of BlogHer that I’ll be missing out on both counts! Someone did suggest selling my BlogHer ticket and switching to BEA and BBCon…and if my Room of Your Own proposal flounders, I might actually think about it.[/whiny aside]

BOOKKEEPING: The Reading Status Report

Reviews posted since last report:
Shanghai Girls, by Lisa See (TLC Book Tour)

Next reviews scheduled
American Rust: A Novel, by Philipp Meyer (TLC Book Tours, Thursday 2/11)
The Wives of Henry Oades: A Novel, by Johanna Moran (TLC Book Tours, Tuesday 2/23)

New to my LibraryThing “To Read” Collection:

Admit One: My Life in Film, by Emmett James (via Lisa Roe, Online Publicist)

New additions to the Wishlist:
The Believers, by Zoe Heller
The Summer We Fell Apart, by Robin Antalek

I have no tour commitments in March, and I hope to have the chance to dig into some more of my challenge books and discretionary reading – oh, and those “someday I need to review this” books – before they kick up again. I enjoy working with TLC, but I’m starting to feel like cutting back on accepting review responsibilities really was a good idea.

BOOKMARKS: Reading-related Reading

Having kids can be a helpful thing for a writer – who would have guessed?

Some insight into how one editor/publisher selects the books she sends out into the world (and which spawn a new reading challenge!); some insights about reading to expand one’s world (and mention of a new blog, Diversify Your Reading, to help do that)

Reading is one of the less expensive forms of entertainment, as discussed in this interview with Gayle of Everyday I Write the Book. Somewhat related: illustrating how using the library is good financial management

Visiting Mrs. T’s middle-school English classes, who are reading a lot of good stuff (thanks, Molly!)

Why isn’t there a “men’s fiction” genre?

Are the words in the dictionary the problem, or is it the dictionary itself?

On the occasion of the passing of Holden Caulfield’s creator, J.D. Salinger: what might the original angsty adolescent be like at age 50?

This link is for Susan, whose fiction should be in a list like this one day: 10 top rock’n’roll novels

Be honest – who wouldn’t covet a wall like this?

Talk about getting paid for doing what you love! Thanks to Sheila of One Person’s Journey Through a World of Books for the heads-up about DelGal‘s Buck-a-Book Challenge:

“Here’s a great way to reward yourself for reading persistence and save money at the same time. Read as many books as you’d like, there is no minimum, and there is no maximum. BUT, here’s the “catch”, you MUST physically take a dollar and save it somewhere safe where it won’t be spent, every time you complete a book. At the end of the year, your total money saved will be the total amount of books read, ideally the more book read, the more money saved.

Now, once Dec 31 comes, you’re must spend this saved money on something fun just for yourself (no paying bills, no buying gifts for someone else!), to begin the next year… Maybe more books for the new year? A nice dinner out to celebrate reading? The possibilities are endless! Finally, once this challenge completes on Dec 31st, please let your blog fans, and fellow challenge participants, know what you decided to spend your money on by posting whatever it may be. If it’s $5 or if it’s $100, we want to know what you rewarded yourself with for a year of hard yet enjoyable fun reading!

In short – put aside a dollar for each book you read.”

I’m definitely in! I may even put aside TWO dollars per book! It’s certainly no more work, and it’s even more of an incentive to read.

I hope you have a good reading week!

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Week-end Review: This week around the blogiverse

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Book Talk: *Shanghai Girls,* by Lisa See (TLC Book Tour)

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Sunday Salon 1/24/10: Bookmarking a Room of Your Own

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Book talk: *When Everything Changed*, by Gail Collins

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Week-End Review: This week around the blogiverse

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