Wiki Wednesday 10-31-07

Time to learn something!

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.
3. Post it!

And just in time for the end of baseball season, we get this one:

Walks plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP), in baseball, is a sabermetric measurement of how many baserunners a pitcher is responsible for allowing per inning pitched. It gives a general measure of a pitcher’s ability to keep batters off base. A WHIP of 1.0 or below will often rank among the best in Major League Baseball.


As indicated by the name, it is calculated by adding the number of walks plus hits allowed divided by the number of innings pitched.

WHIP is one of the most commonly used statistics in Fantasy baseball, and is standard in leagues that use the 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 formats.

If you want to know more about this, you should probably be asking my son – he’s the fantasy-baseball expert, not me.

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In-laws and “outlaws”

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Down Memory Lane: 10-20-30 Year Meme

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A post a day for 30 days

A post a day for 30 days

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Booking Through Thursday – Read with Abandon?

Booking Through Thursday – Read with Abandon?

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My fiery diary: 10/21-10/24

As we were online reading updates about the Ranch Fire on October 21 – of the dozen active wildfires that started in Southern California this past weekend, that’s the one closest to us – Tall Paul said, “When we retire, let’s move somewhere that doesn’t have fires.” My husband was born and raised in So-Cal, and he’s lived with fire season, flood season – which usually follows fire season, unless it’s a drought year – […]

Wiki Wednesday 10-24-07

Time to learn something! 1. Go to Wikipedia.2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.3. Post it! I might need to try to find this somewhere – it would take care of a major gap in my music library. Greatest Hits Live is a live album by the punk rock band the Ramones. It was recorded at The Academy in New York City on February 29, 1996. This was their last live performance […]

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Another 10 on Tuesday: True-or-False Answers!

Just in case anyone was still wondering, here’s the T-or-F breakdown on the “10 Things About Me” I posted last week. I weighed just over four pounds at birth. – TRUE. And I was full-term, as well, but my mom had severe bronchitis for much of the winter she was pregnant with me, and they think that’s what kept me so small. I was incubated for two weeks until I got over five pounds, and […]

Situation wanted: Trophy Wife

This came via e-mail from my uncle, and has apparently been making the rounds. Snopes has been unable to confirm whether the whole thing is true, but the New York Times reported on the first part (the original Craigslist posting, which was verified) on October 8th. I actually do hope it’s fact-based, because it’s a classic – even if girlfriend is setting back the cause for women by a good 50 years or so, and […]

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(More than) two sides to the coin

(More than) two sides to the coin

We got a forwarded-to-everyone-in-the-address-book e-mail from my uncle urging a boycott of the soon-to-be-issued $1 coin because the wording “In God We Trust” has been removed(!). Note that only one side of the coin is pictured.But my enterprising husband – one of whose pet peeves is indiscriminate e-mail forwarding of unverified rumors – went to the US Mint’s website to find a graphic of the new coin. The wording’s still there, but relocated to the […]

Are we cool yet?

Thanks to Karen for this link to a short quiz to find out if you’ve gotten any “cooler” over the years – it seems like an appropriate way to follow up on the Nerd Test. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2,358 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe