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A Call for Collaborators: Let’s Review!

I’ve been wanting to get involved in a project with other book bloggers for a while, but haven’t been able to figure out just what the project might be until very recently. Here’s my modest proposal, and I hope you’ll consider taking me up on it. What I have in mind would not ask any more of you than what you’re doing already.

This is a Call for Collaborators: Let’s Share Reviews!

I’m thinking about something along the lines of Pop Culture Nerd‘s monthly Nerdy Special List but not focused on new and/or upcoming releases, or like the monthly “Best Books We Read” round-ups at Book Riot but open to wider participation.

What I’d like to do is invite you to share the book you were most excited about during the last month. It’s an opportunity to broadcast your enthusiasm to readers who might not have had the chance to hear about it before, and ideally, it will widen the conversation about books you want to keep talking about.

Here’s how it would work:

  • I’d put up a Google form once a month and keep it open to responses for at least a week.
  • The form would ask for some info about the book, a blurb or quote from your review, and the link to the review post.
  • I would collect all the submissions into a post and publicize it like mad! I would ask contributors to amplify by sharing the post, too.
  • Participation would be on a month-to-month basis with no future obligations.

What I’m asking now is that you give me some feedback on this post so I can get some idea whether this is worth pursuing! Leave a comment here, “like” this post on WordPress, @ me on Twitter or reply to the link when this goes up on Facebook.

I hope some of you will be interested in participating in this with me! And when I say “this,” it’s partly because I don’t really know what this little project will be called yet. If you’ve got an idea for a good title, please drop that in the comments too!

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