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I Brought You Something: More Stuff to Read!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of the photos I shared there from our little getaway weekend up the Central Coast of California. For the record, a few days away from home are nearly always more rejuvenating than a week-long “staycation” (but I’m planning to take one of those later this summer anyway.) While we were away, I finished reading one book and started another, and managed to catch up a bit on blog-reading…but the only things I posted were those pictures. I’m preparing a few galleries to post here on the blog, but in the meantime, I brought you something–here’s a link roundup.

Talking about popular culture…

From Must-See TV to Peak TV: Alan Sepinwall at Hitfix reflects on 20 years of covering television

…and reacting to how the Internet has changed that conversation

RIP Bookslut, 2002-2016 — Vulture

 “I Am Jessa Crispin’s Problem with Publishing,” says Bethanne Patrick at Literary Hub

Blog Thoughts: I’m Still Blogging About Books Over Here! | Chrisbookarama

Estella’s Revenge: Book Blogger, Stay in Thy Place

It can be infuriatingright? Go ahead and GET MAD!

Does Your Daughter Know It’s OK To Be Angry? – Role Reboot

 Two Bossy Dames discuss Lady Raaaaaaage

To the women over forty and the twenty-somethings who write about them | Herding Cats (thanks to Michelle for sharing this one on Twitter)

After you hash all that out, you may need to collect yourself…

This Week I Learned (TWIL): Volume 49: Brenna on “productive procrastination”

…or procrastinate a little less productively

Now I Get It: Snapchat (thanks to Gayle on Facebook)

The shaggy fellow in the featured image with this post is Toby, a Golden Retriever mix adopted from China that we met on the beach in Morro Bay. He was having so much fun we have vowed to take Winchester to the beach this summer!

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  1. aw, cute puppy! We took Mackie to the beach on Sunday but he didn’t get to go swimming. He has been in fresh water before, but has never gone in the ocean. I definitely should take him there this summer!