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Welcome to The 3 R’s Blog: Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness! That’s not just a title–it’s a mission statement, which you’ll discover as you get to know the place. I’m your host, Florinda Pendley Vasquez. I started blogging in this space on March 16, 2007, on Blogger, and moved to self-hosted WordPress in January 2016

I work with numbers but I love words. I read, I work, I live…and I talk about all of it here. Check out the “Filed Under” section of the footer to see some of my favorite topics.
I have been a Southern Californian since 2002–me and a few million others (some of them for longer, some of them not)–but was born in New York City, raised in Connecticut and Florida, and raised my son in upstate New York and Tennessee. I’m a wife (second time), mom (one), stepmom (two), and dog-mom. I am overly fond of parenthetical phrases…and ellipses.
I started this blog as a place to keep track of the books I read, and to remember details about them. I posted about (nearly) every book I read, from 2007 throughh 2017, whether rom my personal library or offered to me by an author or publisher. (I no longer actively request or accept books for review and have removed my Book Review Policy page as of February 2020.) I hope to start doing that again one day.

In addition to my writing here, I was a contributor to the Los Angeles Moms Blog (a member of the Silicon Valley Moms Group of regional blogs) from July 2008 until its closing in June 2010.  I have contributed posts and features to CBS Los Angeles’ “Best of LA (paid), and to MomsLABlogHer.com, She Writes, and Work It, Mom (unpaid) A post from this blog, “The ‘Responsible’ Child (?)” was selected for the essay anthology The Contemporary Reader in 2010 and reprinted in 2011.


Disclosures and Paid Content:

The source of the reviewed materials (purchased or provided) is listed in all review posts (“Book Talk,” “At the movies,” etc.).

I was a freelance book reviewer for Shelf Awareness for Readers from 2011 until 2017. These reviews were compensated, and are re-posted here with permission and attribution. I occasionally participated in sponsored-content blog campaigns through Clever Girls Collective and BlogHer.com. All compensated content is identified as such when it is posted.

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