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Show and Tell (and Link and Read) Sunday

It’s the unofficial First Weekend of Summer here in the USA, and we are having some beautiful late-spring weather in Southern California!

sunday show tell pretty day
OK, so the photo’s a little crooked, but just LOOK at that sky!

We don’t have many big outdoor plans this weekend, though–we’ll be doing things like seeing movies and going shopping. I’m planning to take advantage of an extra day off by spending time reading and getting my book blogging up-to-date; I’ve had one review about 3/4 done for several weeks now, and I’ve finished two more audiobooks since that one.

But what’s even better than a three-day weekend is following it with a two-day workweek, and then following that with a four-day mini-vacation! Paul and I will be driving up to Morro Bay on Thursday for a few days on the Central Coast…and aside from going whale watching on Friday, we really have nothing planned other than relaxing. (Of course I’m bringing books–reading and relaxing go together like peanut butter and chocolate!) My busy season at work is winding down at last and his is just getting started, so it seems like a perfect time for a little getaway.

Links! Recent online reading that made an impression on me

Stories about strong women and their stories:

Stories about what we bring to our experience of stories:

And Book Riot explains this so I finally think I get it:


The Book Blogger Community invites you to join in on:

Speaking of BEA and getaways, I wanted to share a few photos from one near-perfect evening in Chicago two weeks ago.

Hope you get to see or do at least one near-perfect thing this weekend! What do you have planned?

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  1. Our neighborhood is a big outdoor activity planned today and, of course, it’s raining. Hopefully it will stop in time for the fun.

  2. Tomorrow we’re going to the neighbors for a picnic and yesterday and today we’ve been enjoying Bloodline Season 2. I wanted to see Captain America: Civil War, but to be honest, I don’t feel like going out and being among people. Congratulations on all the time off and hope you’ll continue to enjoy it. Next week, I have a couple of days off for my birthday (June 9) in the middle of the week before working on Saturday but I’m still looking forward to it.

    1. We saw Civil War yesterday afternoon,,,for the third time. When you feel up to being around people, GO. SEE. IT. I haven’t watched Bloodline, but now that the regular TV season is over we may be looking to try out some new shows, so I’ll keep your recommendation in mind!

  3. Your neighborhood looks a lot like my second son’s suburban home in LA…before he moved.

    I love the Central Coast, and your mention makes me want to pack up the car and go. Enjoy!

  4. This has been a great relaxing weekend. I managed some outdoor activity and a decent chunk of reading, and even a little blogging. I’m also having only a two day workweek this week and then off on a little trip of my own. Hope you have a great time and and thanks for the link to my comment adventures! =D