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It Came from Chicago: BEA Books, 2016 Edition! [Show and Tell Sunday]

I posted some takeaways from Book Expo America 2016 last week, and I have additional impressions and memories I’d like to share with you. I created a Storify “Highlight Reel” but I haven’t been able to flesh it out as I’d like for reasons I’ll get into in a minute. That said, I know you’re probably most interested the books, and after a week on the road from Chicago, BEA 2016’s box of spoils arrived on Friday. Here, let’s have a look!

from chicago: bea books
The box is here! The books are here!


from chicago: bea books unpacked
The book box, unpacked!


from chicago: bea books signed
My “signed stack” from BEA 2016, including two Editors’ Buzz books


from chicago: bea books speed dating
This stack came from the Book Group Speed Dating session


from chicago: bea books nonfiction
Nonfiction: books about stuff


from chicago: bea books mixed
Stories about humans both fictional and real


from chicago: bea books swag
Assorted book-related swag, including two non-book treats for my husband

You probably noticed that it’s a pretty random assembly…and compared to some book hauls, a relatively small one. I’ve mentioned that I went to BEA without much of a book-acquisition plan, and most what I picked up wasn’t planned. For the most part, my nonfiction choices were more deliberate than my fiction ones, and so when I unpacked I was surprised to see that I’d actually sent home more fiction!

I returned from Book Expo America and walked straight into Hell Week. I was incredibly happy these goodies were waiting for me when I got home Friday afternoon–they were just what I needed! (Well, that and a nice glass of wine, but I didn’t get that till Saturday night.)

When I went back to the office last Monday, the two audits I’ve whined about for weeks were still ongoing (although one looks to be winding down, thankfully!) and another project was late and getting later (thanks to the audits). Meanwhile, on the homefront, I was elected to the board of our condo association on Tuesday and am being inundated with new information related to that, which is emphatically not the kind of reading I’d rather be doing right now!

I’m seriously a considering a summer staycation week just to read books. I think I may have some time today to write about a couple of books I’ve finished recently.

What’s up with you this weekend?

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  1. Looks like a great bunch of books. Hope life calms down and you can enjoy them!

  2. Oh yes, I love looking through the books people brought home. I see several, I’d like to open and explore more.

  3. There are so very many books to look forward to this fall. I just clobbered my Goodreads wishlist with a few of these! A bookish staycation doesn’t sound like a half bad idea. I know my groaning shelves would appreciate my taking one! Hope work slows down for you soon and you can hit the books.

    1. Me too! And BTW, I LOVE the “commenting adventure” project you’re launching, and I hope to join in when things settle down enough for me to get more current on my blog reading!

  4. I see some familiar books! The Jane Hamilton is the only one I missed that I really wanted. Hoping to get it on request — or will buy it later.