Booking Through Thursday – Live and In Person!

Booking Through Thursday – Live and In Person!

I said in August, when we talked about fan mail, that I planned on expanding that to live meetings when the time was right. Well, that time is now! Have you ever met one of your favorite authors? Gotten their autograph? How about an author you felt only so-so about, but got their autograph anyway? Like, say, at a book-signing a friend dragged you to? How about stumbling across a book signing or reading and […]


I needed to have some work done on my car’s air-conditioning system recently. In trying to locate a place to have it done, my husband went online and came up with a name, phone number, and address – and nothing else. “I just don’t get how a business can operate without a website these days,” he said. Many of us don’t get that – because we’re the ones that are connected. We use computers and […]

Wiki Wednesday 10-10-07

Time to learn something! 1. Go to Wikipedia.2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.3. Post it! This one’s really for the nerds (Confession – First Husband was a D&D player, and I sat in on some sessions during college): Elf (Dungeons & Dragons) In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, elves are a humanoid race that are one of the primary races available for play as player characters. Elves are renowned […]

Observing boundaries and drawing lines

It was early November, 1991, and it was my last day at my job. I was making the rounds and saying my goodbyes, and my boss asked if it was OK if he hugged me. Anita Hill’s testimony at Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation hearings was recent news, and people we being very careful about what might – or might not – be considered sexual harassment. (For the record, I was fine with a farewell […]

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things That Worry You

I’ve always been a worrier, but a few years ago I became less of one. I had an insight that there’s an inverse relationship between worry and control; when we feel a lack of control over something, we worry – because we can’t do anything else about it. This was helpful to me, because it spurred me to look at situations and try to determine how much I really could control or affect them. If […]

“Possibly useful” link of the day

As a nation, Americans have some big decisions to make in the coming year. But we’ll make them on an individual basis, and we need good information to make them wisely. Via Informed Voters, here’s a link to Minnesota Public Radio’s “Select a Candidate Survey.“ Here’s how it works: By answering a series of questions about major issues, you can quickly learn which candidates are most closely aligned with your views. You’ll be able to […]

Remembering Mom – October 8, 1999

Eight years ago today, a woman passed away quietly in the early morning. A resident of St. Petersburg, Florida for 22 years, she was 69 years old at the time of her death. She was survived by her husband, two adult daughters, and one teenage grandson. But Mary Ann’s family had lost her well before her death. For over seven years, she had been living in a nursing home, incapacitated by early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Her […]

Another book meme: To be read, or not to be read, or been read already…

I found this book meme via Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty – it looked like fun, so I thought I’d play. As I think I mentioned in my last book meme, most of the books on my shelves right now are ones I haven’t read yet, so it seemed appropriate. The below listed books are the top 106 books most often marked as being “unread” by LibraryThing users. The instructions are simple: […]

Persuasion, indoctrination, conversion

*THIS ONE is officially Post #200! (This was the warm-up.)* When it comes to matters of faith, belief, and morality, I’m in favor of open dialogue. I think discussion can lead to persuasion – or at least understanding – much more effectively than lectures. I think tyranny of ideas and indoctrination by force may change behaviors, but not minds or hearts – as Fountains of Wayne put it, “they can tell me what to do, […]

iPod Random Ten 10-5-07

Soundtrack to start what I hope will be a short day at work (I’m going to attempt to leave by 2:30): “Nothin’ But a Breeze,” Jimmy Buffett“Ruby Tuesday,” The Rolling Stones“Hit the Road, Jack,” Ray Charles“Wonderful Tonight,” Eric Clapton“She’s No Lady,” Lyle Lovett“Wonderwall,” Oasis“Cadillac Ranch,” Bruce Springsteen“Good to Go to Mexico,” Toby Keith“Never Again,” Kelly Clarkson“Walking in Your Footsteps,” The Police Happy Friday! (There probably won’t be Random Ten posting next Friday. I will be […]

Booking Through Thursday 10-4: “Decorum”

Booking Through Thursday 10-4: “Decorum”

Do you have “issues” with too much profanity or overly explicit (ahem) “romantic” scenes in books? Or do you take them in stride? Have issues like these ever caused you to close a book? Or do you go looking for more exactly like them? (grin) Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the […]

A book meme

More book stuff for Thursday: I don’t know where this non-recurring meme got started, but it seems to fit in around here. I came across it from Mom-Not Otherwise Specified, via Bub and Pie. Total Number of Books?I honestly don’t know. Probably a few hundred – I may be an accountant, but I’ve never felt compelled to do a book inventory. Most of the ones on bookshelves at home haven’t been read yet – and […]


Well, sort of. It’s nearly my 200th post, and I’m very excited to be here! (Officially, I think it’s #196. I’m jumping the gun on it a little to tie in to something else – see the * below.) This endeavor has turned out to be very enjoyable, and in ways I didn’t expect. I didn’t know that I would like the writing itself as much as I do – getting to 200 posts in […]

A parent’s work is never done

I’ve always described parenting as “the most important job I’ll ever have,” and don’t feel that calling it “a job” lessens it, because it’s work: 24/7, no retirement, no vacation, on-the-job training, high risk, high reward, fun, challenging, engaging work. But in a guest blog post on Work It, Mom!, Kimberly proposes differently – that motherhood is a life, not a job, because it’s not something you can separate from who you are. I think […]

Wiki Wednesday 10-3-07

Time to learn something! 1. Go to Wikipedia.2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.3. Post it! I have been to every state in New England except for its largest one, so I’ve never visited Saco, Maine.History: Granted in 1630 by the Plymouth Company to Thomas Lewis and Richard Bonython, the town extended 4 miles along the sea, and 8 inland. Settled in 1631 as part of “Winter Harbor” {as Biddeford Pool was […]