Surprise, surprise, a pay-it-forward prize!

I first saw this over at Madame Meow’s blog (A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!) and decided to play along. So here goes! By the end of the calendar year, I will send a tangible, physical gift to each of the first five people to comment here. The catch? Each person must make the same offer on her/his blog. So, if you (a) want a gift; and (b) have your own blog on which to […]

Here comes the judge

Work It, Mom’s alert Media Watchers found this bit in the midst of a USA Today article that, at first, looked like it was more of the same “working vs. at-home mom” stuff, but turned out to be more: (T)he second paragraph in the article talks about a new study that found something that we think is quite shocking: There is a widespread belief that today’s parents are not measuring up to the standard that […]

Retreat and recharge

I’ve spent the past two Sunday mornings at the spa. (I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a churchgoer.) This is actually a relatively new thing for me; I haven’t regularly indulged in this before. I got my first facial ever shortly after I turned forty (not long after I colored my hair for the first time), but didn’t really feel much of a drive to do it again until about six months ago, […]

Movie talk: “Michael Clayton”

Michael Clayton wasn’t even on my movie radar until I started reading terrific reviews of it a couple of weeks ago. Granted, it’s a hard movie to sum up in a trailer, so I hadn’t seen it hyped very much. George Clooney (recommendation right there, folks!) plays the title character, and he’s given a lot of dimensions to work with. He’s an attorney whose main function is behind-the-scenes “fixing” of incidents for his firm and […]

The office can be a funny place…

…even if you don’t work for Dunder Mifflin. Via Laurie at Team Building is For Suckers: (From PharmaGossip🙂 Top Ten auto “Out of Office” replies 1. I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position. I may be a little moody so be prepared. 2. You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was in, chances are […]

Hovering…or stifling?

UPDATED to add a handy classification guide to Helicopter Parents – see the Postscript below. I do seem to harp on the subject of grown kids who aren’t exactly living like adults yet – going back to their parents after college, extending their adolescence, yada yada…I realize this, and I hope it’s not bothering anyone too much, but since this is actually where my life as a parent is these days, that’s probably where my […]

Booking Through Thursday – Live and In Person!

Booking Through Thursday – Live and In Person!

I said in August, when we talked about fan mail, that I planned on expanding that to live meetings when the time was right. Well, that time is now! Have you ever met one of your favorite authors? Gotten their autograph? How about an author you felt only so-so about, but got their autograph anyway? Like, say, at a book-signing a friend dragged you to? How about stumbling across a book signing or reading and […]


I needed to have some work done on my car’s air-conditioning system recently. In trying to locate a place to have it done, my husband went online and came up with a name, phone number, and address – and nothing else. “I just don’t get how a business can operate without a website these days,” he said. Many of us don’t get that – because we’re the ones that are connected. We use computers and […]

Wiki Wednesday 10-10-07

Time to learn something! 1. Go to Wikipedia.2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.3. Post it! This one’s really for the nerds (Confession – First Husband was a D&D player, and I sat in on some sessions during college): Elf (Dungeons & Dragons) In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, elves are a humanoid race that are one of the primary races available for play as player characters. Elves are renowned […]

Observing boundaries and drawing lines

It was early November, 1991, and it was my last day at my job. I was making the rounds and saying my goodbyes, and my boss asked if it was OK if he hugged me. Anita Hill’s testimony at Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation hearings was recent news, and people we being very careful about what might – or might not – be considered sexual harassment. (For the record, I was fine with a farewell […]

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things That Worry You

I’ve always been a worrier, but a few years ago I became less of one. I had an insight that there’s an inverse relationship between worry and control; when we feel a lack of control over something, we worry – because we can’t do anything else about it. This was helpful to me, because it spurred me to look at situations and try to determine how much I really could control or affect them. If […]

“Possibly useful” link of the day

As a nation, Americans have some big decisions to make in the coming year. But we’ll make them on an individual basis, and we need good information to make them wisely. Via Informed Voters, here’s a link to Minnesota Public Radio’s “Select a Candidate Survey.“ Here’s how it works: By answering a series of questions about major issues, you can quickly learn which candidates are most closely aligned with your views. You’ll be able to […]