“Possibly useful” link of the day

As a nation, Americans have some big decisions to make in the coming year. But we’ll make them on an individual basis, and we need good information to make them wisely.

Via Informed Voters, here’s a link to Minnesota Public Radio’s “Select a Candidate Survey.

Here’s how it works:

By answering a series of questions about major issues, you can quickly learn which candidates are most closely aligned with your views. You’ll be able to learn more about each candidate, hear his/her positions on many issues, and find out how your results compare with those of others who take the survey.

This survey is not designed to tell you what candidate you should vote for. It is intended only to help you think about your positions and then introduce you to the candidates. We have an extensive collection of information about each candidate, and their positions are much more detailed than what appears on this survey. So we encourage you to spend time on each of the pages, read the stories, listen to the candidates’ own words, and learn more about each of them before deciding.

I really like this approach. It starts with your own opinions and values, and then helps you decide what candidates you might find it worth your time to learn more about, based on how in sync their stated positions are with yours. If you have an official party affiliation, it’s not directly addressed, but your answers will most likely reflect it, as will the candidates’ rankings in your survey results. You might be surprised by the results you get – or not. It doesn’t take very long, and I’d recommend finding a couple of minutes to spend on it, especially if your current favorite candidate is “Undecided.”

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