Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things That Worry You

I’ve always been a worrier, but a few years ago I became less of one. I had an insight that there’s an inverse relationship between worry and control; when we feel a lack of control over something, we worry – because we can’t do anything else about it. This was helpful to me, because it spurred me to look at situations and try to determine how much I really could control or affect them. If there were specific things I could do about a situation, I could take action – and then I’d have less to worry about. If I really couldn’t do anything, then worrying was just a waste of time I might spend doing something about something else.

And then I met my husband, who is a gold-medal worrier. I think I worry less than he does, but I do worry a bit more now, just to keep up. Some of the worries are pretty insignificant, some are a waste of time (in the sense that they’re truly not in my hands), and some are things I should go ahead and do something about so I won’t have them on the “worry list” any more.

  1. I worry that I’ll write something on my blog that will really offend someone and/or get me into big trouble someday.
  2. I worry about what will happen to my relationship with my stepchildren if something happens to their dad.
  3. I worry that they’ll decide they really don’t need me at my job anymore.
  4. I worry that we don’t have enough money saved.
  5. I worry about what we’ll do when our parents aren’t really capable of living on their own anymore.
  6. I worry about intolerance and close-mindedness.
  7. I worry about whether my son’s post-college success at getting started on his own will last.
  8. I worry about that 20 pounds I lost coming back, even though it’s been gone for over three years now.
  9. I worry that early-onset Alzheimer’s could strike again in my generation.
  10. I worry about worrying too much. πŸ™‚

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