Another 10 on Tuesday: True-or-False Answers!

Just in case anyone was still wondering, here’s the T-or-F breakdown on the “10 Things About Me” I posted last week.

  • I weighed just over four pounds at birth. – TRUE. And I was full-term, as well, but my mom had severe bronchitis for much of the winter she was pregnant with me, and they think that’s what kept me so small. I was incubated for two weeks until I got over five pounds, and then my parents took me home.
  • I never use my real name at Starbucks. – TRUE. I get tired of spelling my name for them! If I’m asked for a name there, I use my middle one there, which is much more common. (I know a few other women with unusual first names who also have a “Starbucks alias.”)
  • I bring a book with me everywhere I go. – TRUE, as previously mentioned here.
  • I was first-chair violinist in my high-school orchestra. – FALSE. My violin career ended in the fourth grade, and my high school didn’t even have an orchestra (although I did sing in the choir.)
  • I spent four years in the Ivy League (at Cornell). – TRUE, but only because of the phrasing. This was while my ex-husband was in graduate school there; I worked for the university for most of that time, but never took a class. (I’m a graduate of the University of South Florida – go Bulls!) And by the same token, my son went to Cornell when he was three years old(!).
  • My (present) husband and I got engaged on Super Bowl Sunday. – TRUE. Tall Paul and I are not football fans, and on the first Sunday in February, 2006, we went for a drive and ended up in Santa Barbara. We spent the afternoon there, and he wanted to get some pictures of the sunset at the pier. That’s where he proposed – but there aren’t any pictures of that.
  • I have been in every state on the East Coast – I actually like road trips. – FALSE. I really do like road trips…I’ve been in every East Coast state EXCEPT Maine, so that’s what makes it false.
  • I have never once smoked a cigarette. – TRUE. Never even sampled demon tobacco in junior high. I was an unbelievably straight arrow, even for a Catholic-school girl.
  • I was a member of the American Contract Bridge League. – TRUE, but only because I worked there for six years. Not a huge fan of the game.
  • I’ve broken each of my arms once. – FALSE. The two broken arms belong to my stepdaughter – both this year, actually.

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  1. We have something in common! I spent 5 years at Cornell while my husband got his PhD. I worked at Cornell University Press while we were there. What did you think of Ithaca?

  2. Laura – I worked in the Accounting Office, in the grants-and-contracts section.

    I was recently reminiscing about Ithaca with a co-worker who spent her student-spouse years in Geneva, NY. I loved the scenic beauty of the place – especially in the fall! – and the fact that it was very sophisticated for a town of its size (thanks to two colleges, I guess). I liked how easy it was to get great fresh produce. The winters wore me out, though. How did you like it there?

  3. Oh! Oh! I have a Starbucks alias, too!! (Only I don’t use it at Starbucks, actually: here, they don’t ask your name, only your coffee!0

  4. Working Girl – I love music, and I have a halfway-decent singing voice (only halfway :-)), but operating a musical instrument isn’t among my talents. I wish it were.

    MaryP – I wonder if I could guess your alias :-).

    Starbucks is inconsistent about asking for a name – as far as I can tell, it depends on how busy they are. It’s quicker to announce a drink for “name” than call out that someone’s “venti extra-shot sugar-free decaf macchiato” is ready, I guess.

  5. Bub and Pie – I gave you credit for 1.5 out of three. You picked the one about traveling, just the wrong part of it (I like road trips, but haven’t been in every east coast state).

    Super MOM – My alias is my middle name – I use either Elizabeth or Liz. Two other women I know use the aliases Amy and Heather, respectively. And as for MaryP – well, that’s up to her to reveal. 🙂