Week-end Review: This week around the blogiverse

Have you voted for a “Room of (Y)our Own” for Book Bloggers at BlogHer’10? It won’t cost you anything, and you don’t even have to be going to BlogHer’10 – I’m just asking for your support for a great idea! Will you help make it happen?

I did this a few months ago, but can’t recall if I mentioned it here at the time; I’ve set up my “shared items” from Google Reader to go out with links on Twitter. If you like the link round-ups here, you can get even more links from me every day over there – as long as you’re following me, that is!

New Arrivals in my Google Reader

Dispatches: Links of the Week

Overcoming compassion fatigue; activism has to start somewhere

Are Americans so wrapped up in themselves that they’ve become ungovernable?

One reason why “online safety” is another thing kids need to be taught these days. Related: the main purpose of education remains “learning how to learn”

If you’re hoping to find a sponsor for BlogHer’10 (or any other conference), that has to start somewhere too; on the other hand, sometimes the blogger/marketer connection needs to come to a stop

The first (and second, and more) rules of Sing in the Car Club

And on a more serious note, I’d like to thank (again) everyone who stopped by my Sunday Salon post, or Tweeted, to offer their condolences on the loss of our dog, Gypsy, last weekend. While we were going through that, I was following Neil Gaiman‘s posts about Zoe the cat – stories with different details, but essentially the same ending. It was heartbreaking, and yet oddly comforting, to know someone else was in the same place at the same time.

“What’s in a Name?” via Not Always Right

Bookstore | Memphis, TN, USA
Customer: “Do you have How to Catch a Mole?”
Me: “I don’t know of that book, let me check.”
Customer: “I have to read it for school.”
Me: “No, we don’t have that.”
Customer: “It’s really famous. I think Dante wrote it.”
Me: “Dante? ”
Customer: “Or someone like that.”
Me: “What class is this for?”
Customer: “English Literature.”
Me: *inspiration strikes* “You mean Taming of the Shrew!”
Customer: “What’s the difference?”

Quite a bit, actually. Ouch. What are we not teaching in the Bluff City these days?

Friday Fill-ins #161

1. Wouldn’t it be easy to play hooky from work today? (yeah, I wish!)
2. I like blogging better than ever!
3. I love the taste of a Honeycrisp apple (but they won’t be around much longer, so I’m enjoying them while I can!).
4. We never use the fireplace in the living room (but we use the Wii a LOT!)
5. The first thing we’re going to do is get started. (huh?)
6. Rain, rain, rain, drip, drip, drip; watch out for the puddles!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to pizza night (!), tomorrow my plans include not really having much planned and Sunday, I want to spend some time with my current reading! (although maybe I’ll get to do that on Saturday, too…)

TGIF, folks!

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  1. I voted for a "Room of (Y)our Own" just for you. 🙂 I think it's a great idea.

    I love your shared links in Google Reader. I've discovered some great articles that way.

    I sang along with Laurie for a bit. 🙂 The only thing missing was me driving in the car. Love her rules!

    I really truly am sorry about Gypsy, Florinda. I know that must have been a difficult decision to make. Our animals come to mean so much to us and saying goodbye is never easy. I started e-mailing you a dozen times when I read the news, but I ended up deleting each one. It's hard to find the words to offer comfort. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. April – I'm not sure I'll be going to the thing next month, unfortunately…but if not, I hope to get the chance to see you soon anyway!

    Karen (Scobberlotcher) – Thank you, on both counts.

    Wendy (Literary Feline) – Thanks for the vote! And for some reason, I thought you might like the singing-in-the-car thing, since I suspect you indulge often :-).

    I truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers about Gypsy. It was just as difficult as you'd imagine.

    Kailana – I had to think about it for a minute, but then I was very amused :-).

  3. Oh Florinda, I'm so sorry to hear about Gypsy. I fear we are facing a similar situation with our basset hound, Buster, soon and it's hard just thinking about it. Gypsy was a lovely girl, and my heart goes out to you for your loss.

  4. Patois – Thanks for the vote! I hope to make a better showing with the idea this year than I did last year :-).

    Dreamybee – Thank you, and I'll keep you and Buster in my thoughts. It's a very difficult decision and a very sad situation.

    Debbie – And even with directions, it's so easy to miss a lot of it! Glad you enjoyed this week's installment.