Week-End Review: This week around the blogiverse

$$ Delurking and Donating – Keeping it Going! $$

While I was soliciting comments here on Delurker Day, I also managed to do some delurking of my own, dropping more comments than I do most days. (To be honest, there are many times I’ll share a link to a post, here or on Twitter, instead of commenting, because I’m either busy or lazy.) Here are some stats on the visits I made as of 7 PM last night:

Blogs where I commented for the first time: 6
Blogs where I have occasionally commented, or haven’t commented for a while: 21
Blogs where I comment semi-regularly: 3

Following the lead of a couple of other bloggers on Delurker Day, I decided to donate $1 per comment received to the Red Cross’ Haitian-earthquake relief efforts – and I’m going to keep it going all weekend! If you didn’t delurk yesterday, please do it today, or tomorrow, or Sunday, on the Delurker Day post – that’s where it’ll count for cash! (Of course, I always appreciate – and respond to – comments on any post, any time, any day!)

Also, if you’d like to make a your own donation to the Red Cross, I’ve installed an official Blogger widget in the sidebar of the blog that will make it very easy for you.

New Arrivals in my Google Reader

Watch this space! As I mentioned in my Bloggiesta wrap-up, I have begun adding new blogs to a special “trial” folder in Google Reader. Once I’ve had a few weeks to get to know them, I’ll decide if they’re keepers – and if they are, that’s when I’ll mention them here.

Dispatches: Links of the Week

Life’s more interesting when parents and kids are interested in each others’ activities, but sometimes it’s easier when the kids aren’t so interested in what you’re doing

Feeling that you’re where you belong (or belong where you are); or, contentment is underrated

Speaking of being where you belong: have you ever felt that your blog isn’t really your place anymore, and you’re not free to say what you really want to? (That’s when it’s good to have blog friends who’ll let you guest-post it at their place.)

And now, a few links from the lighter side:
How cute is your pet? Enter him or her in A Novel Menagerie‘s 2nd annual “My Beautiful Baby” Contest – send in the picture that will get the votes! (But if I decide to enter my Gypsy again, your pet won’t be getting my vote – sorry, but that’s just the way it is!)

Well, I finally know what to call the fake name I use at Starbucks – my “chai-dentity”! The term was coined by my friend Anna Lefler and was recently accepted by UrbanDictionary.com – check out the entry and give this new word a thumbs-up!

Who needs teeth anyway? Rot ’em right out of your head with Cupcake Pebbles and cotton-candy pudding! Also food-related: the Lost characters make sandwiches

Blogthings Quiz of the Week

You Are Most at Home in the Living Room
You’re the type of person who always feels relaxed at home. In many ways, it’s where you’re at your best.
You love to chill out at home. You are not the biggest homebody in the world, but you appreciate the time you spend there.

There’s nothing like having a few friends over to watch a movie or just talk in your living room.
You are proud of the home you’ve created, and you love to share it with others.

I’ll probably be in the living room a bit during this three-day weekend – where will you be?

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  1. Stacybuckeye – It's kind of addictive, actually – trying to draw in more comments to raise more money :-).

    Magpie – Very cool. I used the Red Cross one because Blogger made it so easy, but the main thing is trying to help out and get the assistance where it's needed.

  2. Kathy (Bermudaonion) – Good for you for helping me by commenting :-)!

    Kimberly – Thanks for coming by, and contributing to the cause :-).

  3. Thanks so much for delurking on my blog! Now here I am on my first visit to your blog already delurking and helping with Haiti all at the same time. It's a good feeling 🙂

  4. Hey, Florinda…

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! In return for your kindness, I bestow upon you one of my most-treasured chai-dentities:

    "Angie Dickinson"

    Work it, girl!



    P.S. Your blog looks fantastic!

    P.P.S. Are you going to BlogHer '10 in NYC? Dude, we should totally carpool to the airport again. 🙂

  5. Anna – Glad to help, and thanks for the new chai-dentity! I usually just use my middle name, but this is much more creative (if a bit far-fetched :-D).

    Yes, I'm going to BlogHer'10 and would be totally up for sharing a cab to the airport with you again! I'll e-mail you :-).