two days after washington monument

Two Days After: Further Reading, More Links

Yesterday, I started the process of processing.

I included some links at the end of that post. I’m recycling that list here, following some other pieces I found after that went up.

Two Days After: The Reactions Keep Coming
“Wallowing in fear and resentment – the motivators behind Brexit and Trump – only make us more miserable. And the people who are truly suffering: the poor, the disenfranchised, the marginalised, the disadvantaged, are going to be no better off than before.”

The Truth of a “Christian Nation” –  The EO

“I keep thinking, Pharisees or Disciples? Pick one.
“The Pharisees were Religion. Christ and his disciples were not.
“I will not live out an unhealthy obsession with politics, or my country, and I will not live in fear and judgment while using the name of Christ. I will fight to not flee into a bottle or a cake, to isolation under the comforter on my bed. (Okay, I may take some time there, but I will get up.)”
“There will be a point in time where we will stop mourning, when the righteous anger that this has happened will kick in, when we need to stand up and let our voices be heard. That will be the time where we contact our Congressmen and Senators to make sure they are fairly representing their constituents. That will be the time to protest, to donate time and money to the causes most likely to undergo attack.”
“I’m sad because people who say they love me just made it clear that not only do they not understand how many of us are truly not okay, but they care so little about us that they actively voted for people who want to make us less okay. To put us at greater risk. To choose leaders who want to make us less equal.”


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I’m looking for comfort, inspiration, and some necessary provocation in the words of others. Maybe you are too. Let me know what you’re finding, and share a link, in the comments.

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  1. Great compilation. A lot of raw wounds that need healing but I suspect the fury and activism that results is going to be something to behold.