readings for the resistance 1-29-2017

Readings for the Resistance [Link Roundup], 1/29/2017

The “Readings for the Resistance” link roundup will be a recurring feature here at The 3 R’s Blog for as long as conditions make it necessary. It may be a while, folks. My Facebook feed is even more political now than it was before the election. This is definitely not normal.

Readings for the Resistance: Volume 2 of who knows how many

Lifehacker | How to Make Your Voice Heard in Politics Between Elections (…and start getting ready for the next one. The resistance is strong in much of my home state, but I happen to live in one of its red zones. CA-25 is highlighted as a Swing District for the 2018 midterms, and with a Republican Congressman, I’m going to need to step it up. And on that note…)

Medium (Emily Ellsworth) | Don’t get caught panicking about the wrong legislation

The Mary Sue | Why Do We Accept Villainy From Real-Life Humans That We Don’t Accept From Pop Culture?

“No one thinks Bane is the hero of Batman stories. No one watches The Dark Knight Rises and thinks Hey, they should let that Bane guy be in charge for a while. I’m sure he totally has Gotham’s best interests at heart. No! They see him for the unstable villain he is, see through his clear manipulation, and root for Batman to take him down.

“Yet when Trump uses Bane’s words and evokes the same feelings…yay? What a strong leader?”

The Washington Post | Reality check: Many of Trump’s early vows will probably never happen (It’s hard to be confident of this one just a few days later, to be honest. Bonus: WaPo’s Fact Checker on the first seven days of the administration)

Slate | The more Donald Trump hates, the more America rejects his hatred. (If you’re looking for a light in the darkness, this just might be one.)

It’s Time to Stop Claiming “Judeo-Christian Values” – The Coffeelicious on Medium

Dear World, From America | john pavlovitz

100 Days in Appalachia | Why Pittsburgh had two women’s marches

The Spohrs are Multiplying | Teach Your Children Well

Magpie Musing | E pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

I’ll be reading today. What about you?

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    1. Thanks! I’m trying to read more widely and share stories from a mix of sources, but all in line with that theme. Hopefully I’ll surface some things that people might not have seen before–there’s just SO MUCH out there.