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Reading for the Resistance: Links 1-20-2017

Reading for The Resistance
The times they are a-changin’.

I just thought I’d share a few think pieces today as we enter this new era.

theSkimm‘s Guide to Going Through the Change: The Presidential Transition and the Inauguration

[Washington Post] A hellscape of lies and distorted reality awaits journalists covering President Trump. (The real news about dealing with the upcoming fake-news avalanche)

[LA Times] Trump’s approach might seem new, but Arnold Schwarzenegger tried it first (California’s been there before…)

[LA Times] “We are out of step, thank God, because civil rights, human rights and environmental protection are civic virtues in the Golden State” (…and we don’t want to be there again. If you’re resisting Trump’s America, this isn’t a bad place to be right now.)

[NY Times Books] Books: Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years (Reading recommendations included!)

[Ilina Ewen] Everyday Can Be MLK Day (“Be kind. Speak up. Do something. Think of others.”)

[Book Riot] Brené Brown, Vulnerability, and the Trump Voter (“How do we fight in a society that has become so afraid, hateful and arrogant that fake news and post-fact reporting is taking over people’s minds and lives?”)


And here’s a little image created by my husband in honor of today’s historic events. May the Force be with us all.

a great disturbance


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    1. Schwarzenegger was at least willing to learn and compromise when his tactics weren’t working, And to be fair, California had a much better developed opposition, and it was opposing someone less beholden to ideology (The Governator was a Kennedy by marriage, after all). All that said, I’d be glad if he his term offered a template for what happens next in Washington (except for the second term, of course!).

  1. Good reading; thanks for the links. As an educator, I’ve decided to focus on finding out what is true and trying to make the truth known.