readings for the resistance, february 2017

Readings for the Resistance, February 2017 (Part 2) [Links]

I had hoped to get Readings for the Resistance, February 2017 (Part 2) up last week, but job transitioning took precedence. (On that note, today is officially my first day as Chief Financial Officer at Aviva Family and Childen’s Services.) The delay just gave me more time to collect links!

It’s That Guy. The Resistible One.
President Trump is a ‘world-class narcissist,’ but he’s not mentally ill, says the psychiatrist who helped define narcissism – LA Times (It’s ethically dicey for mental-health professionals to diagnose public figures, but some think it’s in the public interest to do so, just this once. But this doctor says “Trump isn’t crazy; he makes other people crazy.”)
How’d We Get Here? And What Do We Do Now?
Obama’s Lost Army | The New Republic and A new, liberal tea party is forming. Can it last without turning against Democrats? – The Washington Post (The grassroots movement that might have been, and the one that’s beginning to grow eight years after)
Practical advice for that active tole: How to Get Through to Your Member of Congress When Their Phones Are Slammed | Lifehacker
And something that it might be better to avoid: Please Don’t Buy Books Just to Send to Trump | Literary Hub (Seriously, don’t waste your money that way! Think about donating it to resistance-related cause instead.)
When The Political Gets Personal

If You Think The Resistance is About Politics—You’re Not Listening | john pavlovitz It’s not that it’s not about politics, but it’s about so much more:

The greatest tragedy right now is that you believe that we are the enemy or that we believe that you are the enemy.
We don’t believe that you are; nor is faith, family, security, safety, or whatever you treasure because chances are we probably treasure it too. That’s how Humanity works.

Hatred is the enemy, bigotry is the enemy, injustice is the enemy, isolation is the enemy, inequality is the enemy.
It is against these things that we resist, in whatever form they take and from wherever they originate and whatever religious or political affiliation conceives them.”

“Barack Obama, our great hope, our American dream… was not normal.

This guy? P45? Is totally normal.

And he will never NOT be normal if you don’t own him as a product of who we have chosen to be as a people for two hundred years.”

As I said earlier, life changes mean this may be the last Resistance roundup for the time being. But I’ll keep reading, and sharing, and supporting. We’ve got a long toad ahead.

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Readings for the Resistance No. 3 [February 5. 2017]

Readings for the Resistance No. 3 [February 5. 2017]

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