Saturday Review 8-9-08

Bulletin Board ********THANK YOU to everyone who submitted posts for the Bookworms Carnival! Stay tuned here, and I will post the Carnival in the next few days.********We’re a little ways into the month now, but have you been Blogging the Recession? I’ve encountered a few bloggers who are, and I’ve been trying to do my part, although I haven’t officially signed up for it. It’s the brainchild of Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored, and it goes […]

Saturday Review

Bulletin Board: *******The Bookworms Carnival submission deadline is this coming Friday, August 8! Please get your posts up and e-mail the links to 3.rsblog AT Gmail DOT com! Need to check the details? Here’s the scoop. *******Interested in being part of an author’s virtual book tour of blogs? Find out more from a new kid in town – TLC Book Tours, founded by Lisa at Books on the Brain and Trish of Hey, Lady! Whatcha […]

The Saturday Review of Scraps

The Bulletin Board: *********I haven’t moved, but my blog has a new address: it’s now being published on its own domain. Welcome to! I’ve changed the Feedburner settings, and bookmarks and links will redirect from the old address, but if you notice any problems, please bring them to my attention! ********Submissions for the August Bookworms Carnival, Edition 14 are already coming in – thanks, early birds! The deadline is Friday, August 8th. Please e-mail […]

Scraps & snippets on Sunday – holiday weekend edition

Announcements: ******* This was just cool: my Road Trip Diary post this past Wednesday was picked up by the Yellowstone Newspaper Online – (slightly belated) “hello” to everyone who’s found their way here via that link! I kind of wish we’d known about this resource before the trip, though :-). Also, if you’re interested in the adventures of someone who’s spending her whole summer at Yellowstone, read this blog. ******* Speaking of travel, Sunshine at […]

Scraps & snippets on Sunday

Announcements: ********If you feel another “book binge” coming on, Mrs S. is hosting the July Book Blowout reading challenge. I’ve signed up, even though I mostly avoid such things, and here’s a list of the books I’ll attempt to read during July (not strictly required – the challenge only asks for target number of books for the month – but if I’m going to be accountable, I may as well go whole hog): Veil of […]

Sunday Bulletin – links, scraps, and snippets

Announcements:*******I’ve had a few people kindly take me up on my request for guest posts during my vacation – and a couple of them aren’t even related to me! Please be sure to check them out, and leave some comment love for: Monday, June 16: Chris Pendley from Left Field Bluffs, making what I’m pretty sure is his first visit to his mom’s blogTuesday, June 17: Teresa DeGagné, my blogless sister, with a contribution to […]

Sunday Bulletin – scraps and links 5-25-08

Sunday Bulletin – scraps and links 5-25-08

Announcements: Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 28 – the second 24-Hour Read-a-Thon begins at 9 AM PDT (or your equivalent local time). You can participate as a Reader or a Cheerleader, and help raise funds for Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), an organization that provides children with books. Visit Dewey for more information! ************************** NaComLeavMo: More Conversation Than You Can Shake a Stick at Did you sign up for NaComLeavMo? The official participant list closed […]

Scraps and snippets and random stuff

Announcements: * If you want to join in, it’s not too late – Book Binge starts tomorrow, and lasts till the end of May! Sign up here, and please tell MaryP that I sent you (Mike, Literary Feline, and Alisonwonderland did!). * This week in Weekly Geeks: Weaving a book-review web – here’s how it works. Going forward, whenever I post a book review entry, I will link to other bloggers’ reviews of the book […]

Easter Weekend Scraptacular

Since I didn’t do the regular “scraps” thing last week because of my Blogoversary observation, this week’s collection is a bit longer and more rambling than usual. New in Google ReaderSurrender, Dorothy, via BlogHer (the post that finally prompted me to subscribe is one of this week’s links) – and her sister’s blog, Tales from Clark StreetBetter Than Marriage (or is it? we’ll see…the chronicle of an unconventional relationship)Mid-Century Modern Moms (new to almost everyone, […]

The Blogoversary Scraptacular!

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled “scraps” next week, but today we have a special!One year ago today, my first post appeared in this space. At the time, I’m sure it was read by no one but me (and I doubt many other people have gone back to read it since then, either). But some folks have found their way here over time, and I’m glad you’re here to celebrate my first Blogoversary with me! […]