Sunday Bulletin – links, scraps, and snippets

*******I’ve had a few people kindly take me up on my request for guest posts during my vacation – and a couple of them aren’t even related to me! Please be sure to check them out, and leave some comment love for:

Monday, June 16: Chris Pendley from Left Field Bluffs, making what I’m pretty sure is his first visit to his mom’s blog
Tuesday, June 17: Teresa DeGagné, my blogless sister, with a contribution to the world of mom-blogging – I really think she needs to start a blog of her own, so let’s give her some encouragement to do this more often!
Thursday, June 19: Veronica Arreola from Viva La Feminista and Moms on Issues (at Work It, Mom!)
Monday, June 23: Michelle Richmond, author of The Year of Fog and the soon-to-be-published No One You Know, and who blogs at Sans Serif

*******Feeling the middle-class squeeze, and want to vent about it? Send your letter here.

*******Are you ready to add your voice to the Blog Blast for Education on Friday, June 20? I had to write my post early because of vacation, but look for it that day!

New in Google Reader:
Snapshot Chronicles
Bang the Drum
A Garden of Nna Mmoy
, via Julie Pippert’s “Hump Day Hmm”
MorningsideMom’s Weblog

Random reading:
I have been using Google Docs for nearly all of my writing for months now; it’s easy to use, online and available anywhere, and getting more features added all the time. It’s not fancy, but it meets my needs. And now I feel like I’m in elite company: John Scalzi has made the move to Google Docs as his default word processor.

This is lengthy, but it has a lot of great content – a perspective on how blogging is changing reporting.

A reflection on whether an inward or outward orientation makes one happier – or whether living consistently with that orientation is the real source of happiness

Media-perpetuated motherhood myths – or, the work-family juggle is a whole lot easier when you have full-time staff to manage the kids.

A new public-restroom etiquette dilemma

A grammar refresher from Average Jane

The technologically averse still work among us…somehow

This is what it’s like to be a sports fan in Los Angeles. On another LA-related note, if you happen to find one of these books, be sure to let LA Blogger Gal know (it’s like her personal BookCrossing project).

Speaking of books, sometimes an author interview will put a new book on my radar – this week, it happened twice.

It can be tough to go on vacation without worrying about what’s happening in your absence, but can taking vacation – one during which you actually don’t work(!) – make you more valuable at work?

Ten reasons why one person blogs – do you share any of them?

Now, I’ll admit it; I enjoy dishing out the snark. But some forms of it are more harmful than others, and I need to remember to think before I speak sometimes…maybe you do, too?

I have been advised to keep this on my list of “Things I Will Never Do.” (Warning to the (few) guys who read here: you may be happier if you don’t click on that one.)

Check out the widget in the blog sidebar for other posts I’ve recently “starred” in Google Reader. Speaking of Reader, I have a bad feeling that in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be afraid of mine too!

My MacBook and I will check in from the road when we can, but meanwhile, I’ve got new posts scheduled for nearly every day, so please be sure to keep checking inhere too!

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  1. Haha! I laughed as I read the “I’m afraid of my Google Reader” article. I can relate to much of what she said. Hope you’re having a great time!

  2. Tanabata – After a few days offline, I had Internet access again on Thursday, and found the dreaded “1000+ unread items” in Google Reader. I had to do the “mark all as read” thing – too scary :-)! I’ve caught up a little since then, though…