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The Bulletin Board:
*********I haven’t moved, but my blog has a new address: it’s now being published on its own domain. Welcome to!
I’ve changed the Feedburner settings, and bookmarks and links will
redirect from the old address, but if you notice any problems, please
bring them to my attention!

********Submissions for the August Bookworms Carnival, Edition 14 are already coming in – thanks, early birds! The deadline is Friday, August 8th. Please e-mail your links to 3.rsblog AT gmail DOT com. Hopefully, this post
answers all of your questions about it. Remember, “you’re never too
old” for children’s and young-adult books! Also, many thanks to the
bloggers who have helped promote the carnival (and are sending traffic
over here): Dewey, of course; Becky at Becky’s Book Reviews; and Melissa at Book Nut.
If you’ve done a promotion post that I’ve missed – or you do one in the
next couple of weeks – please be sure to let me know so I can
acknowledge you too.

********In other Carnival news, the July Bookworms Carnival is now posted at Mixed Metaphor.
The theme is “relationships” (not specifically romantic ones), and
you’ll find reviews of over a dozen books on the topic linked there.
Please go check it out, and thanks to Jenn for hosting!

********I won a couple of books in giveaways last weekend, and wanted to acknowledge them. In Weekly Geeks #11, I’ll be getting Dewey‘s copy of Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar
once she posts her mini-review of it, using the questions I submitted
(I think I was the only one who picked that book, but hey, whatever
works). Also, my comment in response to this post at Nouvelle Blogger was picked at random to receive a copy of Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama – thanks, Karen!

New In Google Reader
Nouvelle Blogger
Boondock Ramblings, via Unfinished Person
Evany’s Extended Cake Mix
Pensieve, via Candid Karina
Urban Mama
Greek Tragedy
(The Customer is) Not Always Right, via Evil HR Lady
Midlife Bloggers, via Average Jane – because, well, I basically am one

Random reading:
I mentioned that I’m now contributing to another blog – am I insane? If so, this was a great post on managing the insanity logistics of writing for multiple blogs. (BTW, this is my most recent post for the LA Moms Blog – which made the SV Moms Blogs’ Hot Posts list for the week ending July 19!)

BlogHerCon recaps and reflections from those who were actually there, unlike me: BusyMom, Everyday Goddess, Pause (truly an insider’s view), Who’s the Boss?, Julie Pippert, Jamie at Silicon Valley Moms Blog, Average Jane (parts one and two), and Surrender, Dorothy (parts one and two). There was swag, and lots of it, and some strangeness at the closing keynote. On the way to BlogHerCon, this happened.

Life outside the Internet – sometimes I forget, and I need reminders like this one.

You’ll negotiate better if you care less about the outcome? I think there’s something to that – things may be more likely to go your way if the other person knows you’re honestly willing to walk away.

Want to keep your house clean, yet still looking lived-in? Try these suggestions.

Taking a stand on meme-tagging; taking a stand on IKEA, and on not taking stands

you were ever an X-Phile (and if you don’t know what that means…well,
then you probably weren’t), what would it take for you to consider this
weekend’s release of I Want to Believe a success? The Park Bench offers a 10-item checklist. Or is Mamma Mia! more your speed? And speaking of Hollywood, here are some questions for celebrities. For those who’d rather read, here’s a story of an encounter at an author reading.

Wedding planning by committee, or the pitfalls of a close-knit and opinionated family; but before any wedding happens, some mating rituals may have occurred.

An enjoyable trip back in time
– well, for me, anyway, to the summer when I was fourteen years old.
I’m not sure whether it’s pleasant or disturbing that I easily
remembered every one of these songs…

The naked city, even more so…

Spam subject line of the week: “Angelina Jolie and Madonna Compete for Adoption of Jamie Lynn Spears’ Baby.” It’s like the National Enquirer e-mailed itself to me.
(I may make this a recurring feature. Send me your spam-box’s greatest hits to be included!)

This week’s Book Wishlist

never really kept a book wishlist before, but since I often find myself
leaving comments on book-review posts saying “I’ll have to keep an eye
out for this one,” I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start
keeping track. The links are to the blog posts where I heard about the
books; click them to find out more about the book itself.
Loose Girl, by Kerry Cohen
Keeping the House, by Ellen Baker
You’re Amazing! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self, by Claire Mysko (for my teen stepdaughter)
Lady of the Snakes, by Rachel Pastan

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  1. Thanks for the link to me! I hope people don’t expect too much. 🙂

    I liked the link to the X-Files checklist. Except I don’t care if Mulder is hot. I do want to know if the Lone Gunmen are in it.

    Oh, I still plan on submitting a link for the Bookworm Carnival. It will be closer to the actual date. I’m still writing it in my head. 🙂

  2. Mike – I think I saw one of the Lone Gunmen in the trailer. The reviews have been pretty weak, and my husband is a highly disillusioned ex-X-Phile, so you may have to tell me about this movie.

    I’m collecting links for the Carnival, but the actual post is still being written in my head too :-). You still have two weeks (just about), and I know where to find you…

  3. You are so busy these days! I can barely keep up with my own blog. I don’t know how you do it, Florinda. 🙂

    I got a spam e-mail saying my flight was booked and my credit card charged. It looked so real at first, I almost panicked. Spam is so annoying. But there are some funny ones out there and I look forward to seeing your weekly winner.

    I did a little wish list bit today too! I am so bad about remembering which ones I want to add if I don’t add them right away . . .

  4. Literary Feline – I don’t know how I do it either :-). Seriously, there are bloggers who are MUCH busier than I am. A non-blogging (a.k.a. “doesn’t-get-it”) friend of mine recently commented that “It must be nice to have the time for that.” Who says I HAVE time? Things slide – these days, it’s mostly reading, unfortunately.

    I figured I might as well find some amusement in the never-ending spam, but I don’t know if I’ll have a subject line good enough to post every week.

    Yeah, the wish list is newly necessary for me too, for the same reason…what was it again? I forgot :-D.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Wendy!

  5. that’s a great spam of the week. i once thought about starting a “penis enlargement spam of the day” since i get enough of them and they can be sooo silly 🙂