Scraps & snippets on Sunday – holiday weekend edition

******* This was just cool: my Road Trip Diary post this past Wednesday was picked up by the Yellowstone Newspaper Online – (slightly belated) “hello” to everyone who’s found their way here via that link! I kind of wish we’d known about this resource before the trip, though :-). Also, if you’re interested in the adventures of someone who’s spending her whole summer at Yellowstone, read this blog.

******* Speaking of travel, Sunshine at ...and the pursuit of happiness is recruiting guest bloggers to write posts about their home states. Find out more about the assignment here, and should you choose to accept it, e-mail her at the address given in her post.

******* In other news, I am going to be a contributor to the soon-to-launch Los Angeles Moms Blog. It’s part of the Silicon Valley Moms group of blogs, so it’s a sister to the original Silicon Valley Moms Blog, the Chicago Moms Blog, the DC Metro Moms Blog, and the rest. I hope I can keep up with this impressive group of bloggers! I’ll let you know when my first post goes up over there – it should be soon.

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Random reading:
Read this – and then, if you haven’t done so recently, act on it. ASAP. As it happened, we had just done backups the night before I read this post, inspired by all of our newly-downloaded vacation pictures and a phone call from my sister informing me that her iMac was in critical condition with possible hard-drive failure. This week’s other must-read is also along the lines of being protected and prepared – it’s about insurance (no, I don’t sell it).

How was your Fourth of July? Do you remember this Fourth?

It’s all so civilized…although we’re not quite as meshed as this particular postmodern family. Also on the topic of family – what limits are there on blogging/writing about your kids once they’re old enough to have a say in what you might say?

15 tips for saving money at the supermarket – the “shop alone” suggestion caught my eye. I really enjoy grocery shopping with my husband, but I think we do spend more when we shop together. It’s not necessarily due to impulse buying, though – or not always, at least; when we go around the store together, we tend to remind or ask each other about things that were supposed to have been written on our list.

More food-related stuff (sort of): does this sound like dinner with the family at your house, too?

One thing I’ve noticed about supermarkets – they’re usually better in the suburbs. As an ambivalent suburbanite, I appreciated this perspective on living in the ‘burbs without quite being sucked in.

Job interview questions that just might make you miss that old chestnut, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Take a trip to Wimbledon with SoCal Mom‘s husband (well, not literally, of course)

It’s now illegal to talk on a hand-held cellphone while driving in California, but all these people talking into the air while wearing their hands-free headsets can look pretty freaky. We don’t worry much about how others see us, though, according to this graphic of how Californians see America. Well, not really…I hope.

**** As always, check out the Google Reader Stars link in the sidebar to see other recently noted posts.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  1. Sunshine – No problem about the link :-). Hope it helps!

    Yeah, as a non-native Californian, I thought the map was awesome too…and I am sad to say I know people it actually seems to apply to.

    Mike – It’s an online “newspaper,” but yeah, I was pretty excited about it!

  2. Congrats on joining the LA Mom Bloggers!
    I think I’ve seen a variation of this map. We’ve made plenty of jokes at our own expense in the office about it. But, in my own defense, I’ve lived in other places than CA – and am glad to be back home!

  3. How neat that your post got the attention of the Yellowstone Newspaper Online.

    I do need to back up my computer. I try and do it regularly–having learned the hard way what happens when you don’t.

    I loved the article about interview questions. I’ve been an interviewer on several occasions and while the questions are nothing like those listed, I can see the draw to wanting to ask such outside the box type questions.

    One thing I love about the new hands free law in CA is that I can sing to my heart’s content and everyone will think I’m just talking on the phone. 🙂

  4. April – I thought the map was funny, but a bit too true for some of the native Californians I’ve met – they really haven’t been anywhere else, don’t know much about anywhere else, and don’t really care.

    Then again, I have some relatives who are native New Yorkers who are the same way about their home, for similar reasons.

    Literary Feline – Good point about the singing in the car, Wendy – I do that as well, and hadn’t seen the advantage of hands-free in relation to that :-)!

    I think I enjoy interviewing even less than being interviewed.