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New in Google Reader this week:

(This) Girl’s Gone Child, via Surrender, Dorothy

Ellipsis, via Outpost Mรขvarin

Things What Things, the current blog of the former TWoPper formerly known as Miss Alli (just call her Linda now)

Everyday I Write the Book Blog, via Books on the Brain

Dr. Television, via Girl With Pen

The Bloggess, via Blog Prom at …and the pursuit of happiness

More blogs found via the Weekly Geeks Challenge: Amateur de Livre’s Weblog, Passion for the Page, Random Wonder, 50 Book Challenge

Random Readings:

Listening and thoughts on “giving back”

“Giving back” isn’t the same thing as “feedback” – do you really want to know why you didn’t get that job?

This Happiness Project post was quite interesting – the “equity theory:” getting what you deserve and deserving what you get

Sometimes it’s just best to let things take care of themselves. (And it looks like there’s a mutual admiration society going on here, too…) And sometimes trying to take care of too many things at once just sends them spiraling off to where you can’t find them. Speaking of spiraling, an inspiring tale of a marriage at the vortex.

Parenthood is a culture shock you really can’t understand until you’ve been there. The fact that very young of nearly every species are cute helps the bonding process, and we have to appreciate that bonding when they’re not so cute anymore. (Got kids? If you haven’t lived with a teen yet, someday you will…) Meanwhile, if you’re a working parent – parenting is work, but you know what I mean – do you ever get tired of the negative stereotypes?

An author’s thoughts on book groups

On Balance has been featuring “Top 10 Reader Tips” on Mondays recently. I really liked this week’s tips for “equality at home” – pragmatism at its best.

You may recall that I’ve been thinking about Twitter, and I think this is the response I’ve been looking for; meanwhile, others aren’t sure about facing Facebook

Probably not the best birthday ever

Be careful where you leave your pants!

Here’s a find for all of us black-thumb typesthe self-watering plant pot! (via Aisledash)

I am so glad I am not the only one bitching about LA traffic (and I have witnessed every action mentioned here, by the way)

When nerds rule the world (notice I don’t say “if” – our time is coming!), here are a few of the things which will be different.

And where do you stand on this most important political question – Stewart vs. Colbert? It’s a tough decision, and I think that combined, they’re the real “dream ticket.”

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful links, Florinda! I especially enjoyed reading Joshua Henkin’s thoughts on book clubs. I won his book in a contest and have yet to read it, but it’s not for lack of desire. Too many books and all that . . . You know how it goes.

    Someday I might actually watch more than just clips of both Stewart and Colbert’s shows.

  2. Literary Feline – I’ll have my eye out for Henkin’s book when it comes out in paperback – hopefully you’ll have read it before then so I can get your thoughts on it, Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    We DVR The Daily Show and The Colbert Report pretty regularly. Tall Paul is a Colbert fan, but I think he’s just jealous – he knows that I was in love with Jon Stewart before I met him :-D.

  3. Great. Now I have to must read since you put my name up there. Thanks a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    How do you keep track of all your blogs in google reader? I have half the amount and still can’t keep up.

  4. Obviously I can’t write. That should say, ‘now I must read…’ I’m listening to the kids play Power Rangers at the same time. Too hard to concentrate.

  5. PussReboots – Thanks for the link; I’ve edited my review post to add it.

    Jenny – I am honored that The Bloggess stopped by; your blog cracks me up! And although my loyalty to Stewart is well-documented (here, anyway), Colbert is worming his way in lately…

    Mike – Hey, you signed up; I saw it over at MaryP’s. I’m just keeping you honest. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a ridiculous amount of feeds in Google Reader. I have them sorted into folders and I use a list view; sometimes I’ll just skim titles and use the “mark all as read” button. I feel a strange sense of accomplishment when I have no unread feeds, but it usually doesn’t last for more than 10 minutes.

    For the Sunday Scraps, I use Google Docs; I open a new document each week and add the links as I come across them, rather than look them all up again on Saturday or something. I used to do it that way, but it’s much easier now.