TV’s Top 50 – are they yours, too?

I know Thursdays are usually reserved for book-related posts; I do have a review today, but I’m not doing Weekly Geeks this week, so we’re going to talk TV instead. My blog, my rules! And on a TV-related side note: I had an e-mail from a friend last night saying she was tempted to check online after the East Coast broadcast ended, because if David Cook didn’t win American Idol, she wasn’t sure she wanted […]

A list I couldn’t resist: this one (ac)counts

I really am trying not to post more than once a day, but this is actually relevant to April 15 (sort of). Entertainment Weekly did a special Tax Day feature on their 15 favorite accountants from movies and TV. Now, mine is not a glamour profession, and I’m impressed they actually could find enough accountant/bookkeeper featured characters to make up such a list. Here’s who they came up with, in no apparent order – click […]

Ten on Tuesday 4-15: Hahaha! LOL! Favorite Comedies

Before we get started, a PSA for you married folks: this coming Saturday, April 19, is Husband Appreciation Day! And while we’re appreciating spouses, mark your calendar – wives get equal time on September 20. —————————————————–I think a sense of humor is an essential survival tool for modern life; as St. Jimmy of Key West once said, “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” Therefore, I love this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic, […]

Ten on Tuesday, and then ten more..

(I may have mentioned that I’m trying not to post more than once a day, so when I can find ways to tie two or three things together into a single post, that definitely works for me.) I think lists like this week’s Ten on Tuesday prompt, “10 Favorite Actors/Actresses,” are supposed to be easy for most people, but for some reason I have a very hard time with them. I’m not sure why. It […]

Ten on Tuesday 2-5: 10 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching TV

Since the writers’ strike began almost three months ago, there’s been less and less new content worth watching on television, and more discussion of other ways to fill that time. Since my tendency is to watch TV for specific shows and otherwise leave it off, I’ve actually adapted pretty well, although I do have a few shows I’m really missing at this point. I’m going to take this assignment very literally, so my list won’t […]

Off to get “Lost” – for about eight weeks…

(Normally, you wouldn’t see a middle-of-the-day post from me, but there’s a timeliness issue here.) It’s been more than eight months since we last visited Mystery Island, and thanks to the writers’ strike, we only get an eight-week return trip…for now. But at least we have that. Yes, tonight’s the return of Lost! I won’t be talking about it here tomorrow, though – as usual, we’ll record it on the DVR, and watch it this […]

Journey to Nerdvana

Journey to Nerdvana

For the first time in my life, I have boldly gone where many other geeks have gone before, and my nerd cred is way up after this weekend. The Starship Enterprise – in every version of the NCC-1701, from A to E – has landed in Long Beach, California for a month. Based on the Las Vegas attraction The Star Trek Experience, the show features sets, props, and costumes from over 40 years of Star […]

Yo, dawg! It’s back again tonight!

The trainwreck begins! But if you’re an American Idol watcher, you probably don’t need me to tell you that – and if you don’t watch it, you probably don’t care that the new season starts tonight with the first audition-clip show. But you know, it’s not like there’s much else to watch these days…and since it appears that the rest of the season for scripted TV may be officially trashed now (and next year thrown […]

Weekend assignment #197: “Missing Words”

This is assignment #1 for me – the original post, with instructions, is at Outpost Mavarin (via Whatever, which I found via, which I knew of from my days hanging out over at TWoP…the internets are just a big ol’ chain). It won’t be wrapped up until Thursday 1/10, so you can still join in even if the weekend is winding down. Weekend Assignment #197: Now that the WGA strike has had lots of […]


I work in Hollywood, but not as part of “Hollywood” – my closest connection to “the industry” is my brother-in-law, who manages several local production studios for a cable-TV company. But the writers’ strike is the talk of our town right now, and if it lasts too long – the last time one happened, in 1988, it lasted 22 weeks – it will probably be the talk of your town too, since there won’t be […]

Ten on Tuesday: 10 TV Shows You’d Like to Have (or already have) on DVD

Ten on Tuesday: 10 TV Shows You’d Like to Have (or already have) on DVD

Now that the fall season is here, TV will be a bigger part of my life again, even though some of my major favorites won’t return until January or later. But during the off-season, TV on DVD really helps fill the gaps. I’m going to mix this list between shows I have and shows I’d want to own. As usual, the list is unranked. Shows that I have on DVD: Freaks and Geeks, The Complete […]

Geeky girls and cool moms

Last week’s fun with the Nerd Test brought this comment in MaryP’s post, where she said in response to someone else’s remark that “I always knew I wasn’t cool”: I’ve never really aspired to it… Here’s the ironic thing: I was a geek all through high school, when I would have been most likely to care; now that I have teen-age children and truly have no patience with the idea of striving to be cool? […]