Off to get “Lost” – for about eight weeks…

(Normally, you wouldn’t see a middle-of-the-day post from me, but there’s a timeliness issue here.)

It’s been more than eight months since we last visited Mystery Island, and thanks to the writers’ strike, we only get an eight-week return trip…for now. But at least we have that.

Yes, tonight’s the return of Lost! I won’t be talking about it here tomorrow, though – as usual, we’ll record it on the DVR, and watch it this weekend. I’ll read a recap somewhere tomorrow, though – I don’t worry about being “spoiled.” Tall Paul, on the other hand, wants a blank slate.

ABC re-broadcast last May’s season finale last night, and in case you missed it or just can’t quite remember everything that happened back then, here’s a summary from TV Guide‘s Lost blog:

Just so we are all caught up, here is a quick recap of where things stand. We know that Jack and Kate got off the island. While Jack has fallen into some sort of drug-addled, guilt-ridden stupor, Kate has cleaned up her act and is living a seemingly normal existence.

Back in the past—does that even make sense?—a lot has transpired. Charlie died a valiant, heartbreaking death, successfully using his musical prowess to unjam the signal and managing to alert Desmond to the fact that it’s “Not Penny’s Boat.” (Frankly, I didn’t think I could possibly cry as hard watching Charlie’s demise a second time and yet, it was almost worse on repeat viewing.)

Jin’s bad shot got him, Sayid and Bernard captured by the surviving Others and then Ben used them as pawns in his attempts to persuade Jack to give up his rescue effort. Hurley’s triumphant van ride to the beach made me smile once again and I was just as relieved to see that the amateur marksmen were spared as the Others began to doubt Ben’s motives.

Locke’s quizzical conversation with Walt—or the vision of Walt—caused him to go to drastic lengths to prevent Naomi from making radio contact. But despite his actions, he could not bring himself to stop Jack and slinked back into the jungle.

If you didn’t record it (like us) and you haven’t picked up the Season 3 DVDs yet (also, like us), you might want to plan to view or record the 3-season recap show, Lost: Past, Present, and Future, airing tonight before the premiere. And both to refresh your memory and give you a heads-up on what to watch for in the new episodes, check out “Doc” Jensen’s Pre-Season Lost Cheat Sheet on

If you’re still sticking with this show into its fourth season, you’re probably quite aware that it can drive even a teetotaling viewer to drink sometimes. In that spirit (no pun intended, I swear!), you might be up for the Lost Drinking Game – the rules are posted at The Park Bench.

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  1. My work buddies who watch Lost were upset that I hadn’t watched last night’s episode yet. Like you, we recorded it and will probably watch it Sunday. I heard it’s really good. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Literary Feline – Yes, that’s the big disadvantage to recording and watching later – being left out of the watercooler talk. Tall Paul has actually had to ask people to stop discussing the show around him.

    I read a couple of recaps online today and I’m really looking forward to seeing the episode too, Wendy. If it rains Sunday, we’ll have a good excuse to stay in and watch it. 🙂