Ten on Tuesday: 10 TV Shows You’d Like to Have (or already have) on DVD

Now that the fall season is here, TV will be a bigger part of my life again, even though some of my major favorites won’t return until January or later. But during the off-season, TV on DVD really helps fill the gaps. I’m going to mix this list between shows I have and shows I’d want to own. As usual, the list is unranked.

Shows that I have on DVD:

Freaks and Geeks, The Complete Series (1 season) – Even if you didn’t belong to one of these high-school subgroups, this show brings back the memories in a great way, especially if your time in teenage hell was in the late 1970’s-early 1980’s. You’ll laugh, you’ll wince, you’ll be glad you don’t have to go back.
The Simpsons, Seasons 1-10 – This is as much Simpsons history as is available on DVD right now. When Tall Paul and I merged our DVD collections, we were pleasantly surprised to find no duplicate seasons; instead, we completed each other. (Aw!)
Scrubs, Seasons 1-4 – Again, this is every season currently available. I will get seasons 5-7 as they’re released. This medical comedy’s blend of utter outlandishness and earnestness just works for me.
Lost, Seasons 1 and 2 – Season 3 is pending, and hopefully will be out in time to get on my Christmas list. Someday we’ll have to sit down, watch a bunch of episodes straight through, and see what 20-20 hindsight helps us figure out…
The West Wing, Seasons 1-3 – These are the only seasons I want to own, from the show’s creative and inspiring early years.
Alias, Seasons 1-4 – I will eventually get Season 5 so I can complete the set, and because I actually didn’t watch much of it when it was still on. But the first two seasons of this show were awesome.
Gilmore Girls, Seasons 1-4 –
Another show whose early seasons were stellar. I’m ambivalent about completing my set with seasons 5-7, although since I never did get to see how things wrapped up for Lorelai and Rory, I probably will get them one of these days.
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. , The Complete Series (2 seasons) – Tall Paul introduced me to this one, which I never got around to checking out during its original run. It’s a bizarre mix of Western and science fiction, smart and funny, and Bruce Campbell totally rocks the title role.

Shows that I want on DVD:

WKRP in Cincinnati It took forever for this show to finally come out on DVD, and I’m sure that it will be pretty dated in some respects, but it had some classic characters – Dr. Johnny Fever! Les Nessman! – and inspired my short-lived career dream of working in radio.
Ed – This actually isn’t available on DVD yet. But this 2001-2005 series about Ed Stevens, the “bowling alley lawyer,” and the other residents of Stuckeyville, Ohio, is one I’m really looking forward to watching again some day.

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  1. Angelika – It actually took a long time to come out on DVD at all; it wasn’t till the past spring. Squabbles over the music rights, IIRC.