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Show and Tell Sunday: Live, From the Back Patio!

blogging on the patio
My blogging setup today!

The heat wave that ushered autumn into Southern California seems to have broken, finally, and I decided to take advantage of it by setting up the laptop on the patio. (Paul’s always reminding me that the thing is actually portable!) I plan to switch over from writing to reading this afternoon, but I intend to spend as much time as possible in my outdoor office today!

I finished reading Alexander Hamilton in audiobook earlier this week and am working on my write-up. Short version: if Lin-Manuel Miranda’s version got you interested in the subject at all, you owe it to yourself to get acquainted with the source. The audiobook is 36 hours long, and the print version is over 800 pages–either way, it’s a time commitment, but it’s worth it. And I bought a magazine this weekend.

the Hamilmag: Newsweek Hamilton special edition
Until I watch this documentary on PBS (October 21) and get a copy of the Hamiltome (Christmas?), this will tide me over

Heads up! I’ll be re-opening The Book Bridge for submissions on Tuesday, so watch for the link! Participation in the last round was lower than usual, so I didn’t post in September. However, I will include those contributions in October’s post, along with any new ones that come in during the next two weeks. (And if you did submit a read last time, you’re welcome to share another in this round!)

I’ve been pretty busy with politics on Twitter and Facebook lately, as you may already know. I fully intend to keep that up for the next few weeks…but for the most part, I won’t bring it to the blog. However, I will bring you a reading list of some of the articles I’ve read and shared on social media recently and a shortcut to making sure you’re ready to vote.

All politics, all the time is exhausting and anxiety-producing. Here are some other things to read:

What’s lost when telephone calls disappear: Slate (The phone call is dead. The smartphone killed it.)

Blogging gave us everything we love–and hate–about the Web – The Washington Post

“We hoped blogs would democratize media and allow people to make real connections via the Web. We feared that power would accrue to a handful of sites or writers; that this small group of people would talk among themselves and exclude others; that eventually, inevitably, what we considered an art (sort of) would be degraded by commerce.”

The power of “pop literature” (“books people will read even though they don’t have to”): Why we need diverse YA books more than ever –

And here’s something I saw at Target this weekend. Does anyone else think this pumpkin-spice thing is maybe getting just a bit out of hand?

pumpkin spice is taking over

Hope your week gets off to a good start! What are you up to?

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  1. Pumpkin Spice Special K, huh? I saw the Trader Joe’s version of pumpkin spice Cheerios yesterday. But then I shouldn’t comment. We had pumpkin spice waffles for breakfast. I am very, very worried about the election. In my opinion if Trump wins, we are screwed. A newspaper in your neck of the woods (San Diego) compared him to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

  2. I’ve heard good things about Alexander Hamilton. I’ll have to get it for my dad for Christmas.

  3. We’ve been enjoying gorgeous weather here too. I think the pumpkin spice stuff is out of hand because I don’t really care for it.

  4. I remember when the only thing people made with pumpkin was like a pie… Now it is everywhere! lol