CURRENTLY: I’ll Make This Quick [September 4, 2016]

CURRENTLY: I’ll Make This Quick

It’s a quiet three-day weekend around here, and there’s not much to tell. It’s also delightfully and unusually cool for early September in Southern California, I’m hoping to spend some time reading out on the patio today and tomorrow. I’ll get back to my audiobook on Tuesday,


If I have the energy and ambition during what remains of this weekend, I’ll write up my thoughts on concluding the Neapolitan Novels, I also want to put together a link roundup for posting here in the next week or so. And I’ll be putting out a call for the next edition of The Book Bridge soon, so keep your eyes open for that!

Other Bookishness:

I spent Saturday helping my sister prep new books for the school library where she works. She’d already cataloged them, but they needed labeling–barcode labels, spine labels, and reading-level labels–so they could be shelved. It takes a long time to apply 3-6 labels apiece to 124 books, and we didn’t get them all done in one day. But we completed at least 60 and left 10-12 more partly done during five hours of work, so the bulk of it’s done. She’ll finish the project without me before the library officially opens for students this Tuesday,

pokemon go library banner

I also wanted to show you the fun Pokemon Go-themed banner she made for the library even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. It is really cool here now at night. I had to wear a sweater last night at an outside event and I was still chilled!