six things on Sunday

Six Things on Sunday [Show and Tell]

Six things on Sunday…

…because I couldn’t pull together 10 things at random this week

  • I’ve reluctantly accepted that only way to grok some apps is to just start using them. I’ve been  wading into Litsy during the last few weeks and am finally getting the appeal of “Goodreads and Instagram’s perfect baby.” These are a few of the things I’m doing with it:
    • Cross-posting #bookstagram photos
    • Posting snippets of reviews from the blog (Litsy limits posts to 451 characters)
    • Maintaining a “currently reading” list
    • Recording quotes from books, which is something I’ve always meant to do but never really worked at

The Litsy community is still pretty small (and limited to iPhone users), but if you’re there we can follow each other–I’m florinda3rs.

Litsy collage
The big book stack in this collage belongs to Litsy pioneer and high priestess of internet book nerds Liberty Hardy.

I’m the big reader in our house, but my husband’s the one with a literary tattoo in honor of his all-time favorite books.

hitchhikers guide tattoo

Speaking of “favorite books”…

…a “book you’re excited to talk about” doesn’t necessarily have to be a “book you loved,” but it should be a book you want to get other people to read. On that note, submissions for this month’s edition of The Book Bridge are open until August 17!

book bridge call for submissions 2

Hope you’re having a good Sunday–tell me something you’re up to today!

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  1. It takes me eons to really “get” an app. I’m on Litsy (I sign up for everything at the technology conference each year and then abandon it out there), probably as debnance. It’s been years that I’ve been at Goodreads and I’m honestly just starting to use it every day.

  2. I’m not sure I understand Instagram Stories, either. It seems to post a grouping of pictures of your day? not sure but my thought was that if I wanted those pictures posted, i would do it myself.

    1. I gave Stories a test run yesterday, and then saved all the photos I’d shared there into a collage that I posted to Instagram. Maybe if I used video more? I’m open to testing it out more, but it just may not be for me.

  3. I’ll be on Litsy once it gets to Android. Until then, I’ll have to hear from all of you iPhone folks how great it is. 🙂 I think Lisa has it right about Instagram Stories: group of photos and videos for that day, and then go away in 24 hours. You can add text and colors, I guess. I haven’t quite figured it out either. I think it’s Snapchat but without the weird faces, maybe?

  4. I love Litsy but don’t get Instagram Stories either. I do know my son really dislikes Stories and he keeps up/gets all that kind of stuff.

    1. My husband is not a fan of Stories either and is really annoyed he can’t make it go away. I’m not as bothered as he is, but I can always ignore it :-). I’m happy that I’m finally getting the Litsy love, though!

    1. I have not noticed if there are a lot of poetry people, but it’s kind of nice that the Litsy community isn’t too big yet–that may make it easier to find them. I’m not as entrenched yet as some users are, but I do like it there!