the book bridge is open call for submission

THE BOOK BRIDGE Call for Submissions 2!

Ready to build another Book Bridge?

The Book Bridge CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 2 is open!

What book were you most excited to talk about during the past month? Share it in this month’s edition of The Book Bridge, where we’re connecting each other to great reads.

A “book you’re excited to talk about” doesn’t have to be a “book you loved” by the way. It could be a book that disturbed or even angered you. But do you think it’s one that others should be reading and talking about? Then tell us about it so we can get into the conversation!

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You do NOT have to be a book blogger to participate! If you’re an avid reader who talks about books on social media, Goodreads, or any other (non-commercial) site, you’re very welcome to join in!

The form to submit the book that most excited you during July is embedded in this post.

I will keep this invitation as a sticky post for two weeks (until August 17), and then I’ll put together a post that includes all the submissions during the following week.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the books you have to share this month!

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  1. I submitted an audio, but the form was glitchy. Let me know if I need to resubmit