Sunday check-in

Sunday Check-in: A Lazy Last Weekend of Summer

Labor Day notwithstanding, this is the real last weekend of summer. Today’s forecast high is 98 degrees. It would be really nice if it was the last time we had to see that till next summer.

I took care of all the errands yesterday and have no real agenda today, other than this:

Sunday check-in weekend readingOh, and we may go get some ice cream later on.

Since I’m feeling more like reading than writing lately, it’ll probably be a slow week of blogging. I have these two books, an audiobook and an ebook listed as “reading” on Litsy…eventually, I’ll finish something, and then there will be blog fodder!

If you’ve seen me on Twitter and/or Facebook lately, you may have noticed that I’ve been sharing and posting election-related content pretty regularly in both those spaces. You can expect that to continue there, but for the record, I don’t plan to bring it over here.

Speaking of reading and blogging, have you read anything recently  that you just can’t stop talking about? I’m collecting submissions for the next edition of The Book Bridge until this Wednesday, September 21. I hope you’ll join in to share the book you were most excited about last month!

And while we’re sharing, Jenny is still collecting audiobook and podcast recommendations for our mutual friend and my book-blogging BFF Kim over at Reading the End, so go help her out, please!

How are you spending this last weekend of summer?


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  1. Like you, I plan on reading today, probably The Emerald Lie by Ken Bruen, but we’ll see. Oh, and ice cream later too. Already here in the fridge. 🙂

  2. I’m trying to write more now that I’ve got myself out of a reading slump. My writing slump is still slumping. 🙂 This weekend I’m shopping for a dress for a friend’s wedding…

  3. The AC is not working this morning in my building so I am very cranky right now! And we are supposed to have thunderstorms tomorrow. Dry strikes. No rain. Hopefully we won’t burn in heck for the remainder of September.

      1. The AC was fixed. Thankfully. I was about to leave.
        This weather is very odd. It’s raining in the sky but evaporates by the time it hits the ground so the ground is dry. Tomorrow, thunderstorms but dry strikes. I hope nothing catches on fire.