getting ready for #BEA2016

5 Ways I’m Getting Ready for #BEA2016

I made a list of things to do to address my lack of preparation for Book Expo America next week. I’m not sure how far I’ll get with any of them, frankly. Work is hectic this week; we’re making a quick trip down the coast to see my mother-in-law this weekend for Mother’s Day; practical matters like laundry and packing will need to be priorities on Monday; and my flight leaves for Chicago at 7:30 AM on Tuesday (which means the shuttle is coming at 4:00). Wish me luck!

5 Ways I’m Getting Ready for #BEA2016

  • Devising a schedule in the app highlighting signings, galley drops, and education sessions that interest me, with the understanding that it’s all there mainly for reference and that none of it obligatory
  • Checking the weather forecast and figuring out my wardrobe–my goal is comfortable but businesslike. Since that’s also pretty much the standard for what I wear to work most days, I am fortunate to have plenty of things in my closet that fit those criteria–but coming from California, I need to make sure I remember to pack a jacket and an umbrella!
  • Making sure my shoes are broken in–I’m staying at the hotel adjoining the convention center so I’m hoping the walking isn’t as extensive as it’s been when BEA was in New York City, and I’ve scored a couple of pairs of shoes that have the perfect magic mix of cute and comfortable! (Fortunately, I can take care of this at work this week.)

I’d love to have you share your tips, tricks and hints for getting ready for Book Expo!

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  1. Many of mine are the same! I’m test-wearing outfits not only to make sure I like them, but that they are comfortable enough to last through the long days of BEA. I’ve created quite a few lists to help me prepare as well. I’m an obsessive planner and doing these things will help tame the madness!

    Since it’s in Chicago this year, I didn’t have much flexibility with travel. I have to fly instead of taking the train, which limits what I pack, etc. I have to deal with the drama of an airport instead of walking on to a bus. These changes add additional stress. I’m a career traveler (or so my husband tells me) so this is nothing new. It’s just putting a damper on an event I’m usually quite excited for!

    1. My flight will be a little shorter since it’s not ALL the way cross-country this year, but it’s still flying (and waking up by 3:30 AM to be ready for the shuttle–early-morning eastbound flights!).

      I’ve seen your planner obsession online :-). I usually plan a lot more than this, but I have just not had time to do it! Hope to see you next week, Jenn!

  2. I’m not ready for Armchair BEA, but that doesn’t require QUITE as much planning as going to the actual event does! Good luck! It sounds like you’ve got it under control now!