spring 2016 bloggiesta

Spring 2016 Bloggiesta Begins!

My original to-do list was in my Bloggiesta sign-up post, but I’ll recap it here:

  • Update my books and review links on LibraryThing, where my catalog still looks like 2015
  • Get acquainted with the other members of my Bookish Mastermind Group and figure out what we want from it
  • Do at least one other mini-challenge, to be decided during the week, Since I already have a LibraryThing task on my agenda the LT challenge is a strong contender, but I’m eyeballing the Litsy challenge too!
  • Assess The 3 R’s Blog at 90 days self-hosted. I moved the blog to self-hosted WordPress just before Christmas, and I want to assess whether I want to make any changes its look and feel. My focus will be on the following:
    • Design–I don’t foresee changing the theme at this time, but I may tweak fonts and colors
    • Related: Finish the Master Customizer CSS course
    • Tags and categories still need some work
    • Considering adding a page of favorite or “showcase” posts
  • Audience Participation Question for those of you on self-hosted WordPress: I’d love to know your favorite recommended plugins–please share in the comments! (Can this count for the Blog Critique mini-challenge?)

I may not get much done with any of this during the week–it’ll be a busy one at the office–but this Bloggiesta runs through next Sunday. (And I have next Monday and Tuesday off as my extended Birthday Weekend, so I may be having an extended Bloggiesta as well!)


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  1. Thanks for considering my LibraryThing challenge! That makes me think of the possibility that we’re already friends on LT. I’ll have to add the option of sending me a message instead of friending me, in case someone who’s coming back after an absence does the challenge.
    I recommend Better Delete Revision for a plug-in that gets rid of all the saved drafts that get created along the way to your final published version of a post and can slow down your blog. Good luck on your to-do list!

    1. I thought we might be friends on LT already too…but we weren’t, so I just sent you a request. Apparently I will not be doing the challenge in order ;-D! And thanks for the plug-in suggestion.