“Just pick one already” – a variation

randomness…feed your mind and your blogweek of March 16 Would you rather…(I’ll underline my answers) 1. sky dive or bungee jump? (Note that this choice is made under strong protest, since I really have no desire to do either one!)2. eat a hissing cockroach or eat a slug? (No hard shell, for one thing…and if you salt it first, it’ll curl right up and pop right into your mouth! But again, totally under protest, because…eeewww!)3. […]

Weekend double – BTT + FFI

Weekend double – BTT + FFI

Since Booking Through Thursday doesn’t post the prompts in advance, it can be really hard for me to get them done and posted on Thursdays – so they’ll be showing up on Fridays, partnered with the week’s Friday Fill-ins. Yeah, I’ve actually been doing this for a couple of weeks already, but I’m now declaring it to be official policy. Booking Through Thursday 3-20: “The End” You’ve just reached the end of a book . […]

If you can’t say something nice…

Being curious about how other book bloggers handle posting negative reviews, Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf decided to create a meme to find out how some of them deal with books they didn’t like. Please consider yourself tagged if you feel like answering the questions yourself. 1. When you dislike a book, do you say so in your blog? Why or why not? Yes, as long as I’ve actually read the entire […]

Book talk: “Ask Again Later”

Book talk: “Ask Again Later”

No, seriously, that’s the title. Ask Again Later Jill A. Davis Harper Paperbacks, 2007 (ISBN 0060875976 / 9780060875978) Fiction, 272 pages First sentence: I can remember the first Christmas after my father left. Book Description: Emily Rhode has a tendency to live with one foot out the door. For her, the best thing about a family crisis is the excuse to cut and run. When her mother dramatically announces they’ve found a lump, Emily gladly […]

To thine own vows be true: public and private considerations

This is actually something that’s been on and off my mind for awhile, but the events in New York State earlier this month brought it back up again. In a recent post, PunditMom – who has gone public as a Hillary Clinton supporter in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination – pondered the idea that “(t)here just seems to be a lingering, niggling something about Hillary’s decision to — yes — stand by her […]

Ten on Tuesday 3-18: On Tour

This week’s Ten on Tuesday prompt asks for “10 Places You’d Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown.” Which one? I still claim Memphis, Tennessee as my “hometown,” and last spring I had the opportunity to go back there with Tall Paul and introduce him to some of my favorite haunts. However, I now live in the Los Angeles area, which is one giant tourist attraction in itself, so I’m going to do lists […]

Welcome the Mid-Century Modern Moms!

Welcome the Mid-Century Modern Moms!

There’s a new parenting blog on the scene – and it’s for those of us who are a little bit further along on the road of parenthood, with kids who have long since left the potty-training years behind (no pun intended) and are closer to the driving-lessons stage, or even past that. It’s about time, I say. For true-life stories and discussion of the trials and tribulations of being the parent of older children – […]

Weekend Assignment #207: Too Much News(?)

The Weekend Assignment is posted each Friday at Outpost Mâvarin; a roundup of responses goes up the following Thursday, so if you’d like to join in, you’ve still got some time! Weekend Assignment #207: Are you a news junkie, or not so much? Do you seek out news on tv, radio, in newspapers or online, or are you sick of the endless rehashing of the same issues? I realize it’s all a continuum, from “I […]

The Blogoversary Scraptacular!

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled “scraps” next week, but today we have a special!One year ago today, my first post appeared in this space. At the time, I’m sure it was read by no one but me (and I doubt many other people have gone back to read it since then, either). But some folks have found their way here over time, and I’m glad you’re here to celebrate my first Blogoversary with me! […]

“Just pick one already” – the basics

The proper name of this exercise is “Choose Ye,” via Meg Fowler, and it goes like this: The point is to CHOOSE your preference. And no, it doesn’t have to reflect the reality of your life right now. (My choices are underlined. My comments, where applicable, are (parenthetical).) *** Car or truck? Get advice or go it alone? (Even though sometimes that’s really not the best advice) House or apartment? (Mostly for the space, but […]

Friday Fill-ins…and Thursday, too!

This week’s Booking Through Thursday topic was a fill-in-the-blanks question, rather than the usual short answer/essay, and I’m answering it late again – but that lets me have a twofer and combine it with my Friday Fill-ins. BTT question suggested by John: How about a chance to play editor-in-chief? Fill in the blanks: __________ would have been a much better book if _____________________. Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people […]

“Randomness” and Silliness

randomness…feed your mind and your blog Week of March 9: The Internet Do you remember time before the internet? Before you had an email address, online banking, websites, memes, blogs, message boards? When did you first ‘log on’? There’s a reason the profile blurb in my blog sidebar starts out “I’m probably too old for this blogging thing.” I didn’t find my way online until my thirties, about ten years ago; but in my defense, […]