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week of March 16

Would you rather…(I’ll underline my answers)

1. sky dive or bungee jump? (Note that this choice is made under strong protest, since I really have no desire to do either one!)
2. eat a hissing cockroach or eat a slug? (No hard shell, for one thing…and if you salt it first, it’ll curl right up and pop right into your mouth! But again, totally under protest, because…eeewww!)
3. have lifelong free entry to all theme parks or lifetime free entry to all movie theaters? (But I’d only use it at the really nice theaters. I’m getting old enough to be tired out by all the standing in theme parks – and the food’s just as overpriced at either one.)
4. spend one month without books or one month without TV? (Finally, a “no contest,” no-brainer choice. I’m glad it wasn’t complicated by including “one month without the Internet” as an option, though.)
5. have the ability to fly or be able to become invisible? (I just think it would be more fun to slip around literally unseen. On the other hand, flying would be very useful in avoiding traffic jams – tough call.)
6. have a personal shopper for life or a personal fitness trainer for life? (I like shopping, and wouldn’t want someone else doing it for me – although a consultant would be nice sometimes.)
7. be spiderman or be superman? (Superman actually has better powers, but Peter Parker is a much bigger nerd, so Spidey wins. I think it’s the difference in how their origins. Superman was born super, and pretends to be ordinary as Clark Kent, but Spidey started out as a regular dork.)
8. be stuck in the 70’s or be stuck in the 80’s? (Big hair and all…)

What would you rather do? Let me know!

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  1. 1.Sky dive, but someone has to push me out.

    2.Slug I guess. But it is not much of a choice.

    3. Movie theater. Never liked theme parks, even when I was a kid.

    4. Books. I’m ashamed to admit it. Either would be hard, though.

    5. I like invisible too. Though you might get into more trouble with that power.

    6. Personal shopper. I don’t like shopping one bit.

    7. I think superman. More powers, no web juice to make.

    8. Hmm. My wife would say I’d want the 70’s, but I think I’d take the 80’s.

  2. Mike – Hadn’t thought about the web juice. That might be a problem. And I think you’re probably right about the trouble potential of invisibility.