“Just pick one already” – the basics

The proper name of this exercise is “Choose Ye,” via Meg Fowler, and it goes like this:

The point is to CHOOSE your preference. And no, it doesn’t have to reflect the reality of your life right now.

(My choices are underlined. My comments, where applicable, are (parenthetical).)


Car or truck?

Get advice or go it alone? (Even though sometimes that’s really not the best advice)

House or apartment? (Mostly for the space, but my preference would be a townhome or condo – no yardwork; but I actually don’t mind apartment life, especially since someone else deals with the maintenance)

Bath or shower?

To be or not to be?

Swim or no swim?

City or suburb or rural? (I can’t believe I said that, but at this stage of my life – yes, I think it’s true. I’m not up for the hassles of city life and not young enough to thrive on the excitement, and I’ve never been a country girl.)

Mac or PC? (I’m evolving…I’m actually both)

Black and white or color photos?

Email or snail mail? (The perfect compromise is e-mail with letter-style content, but that’s rather rare, sadly)

Married or common-law? (My husband will be glad to know this, I’m sure)

Drive fast, or speed limit? (Good luck getting up to that during “rush” hour)

Build a career or have a job?

Lego or Barbie?

Warm bedroom or cool bedroom? (with cozy blankets!)

Kids or no kids?

Dance or sit it out?

Speak now, or forever hold your peace? (I’d like that to be my current reality, anyway)

Fight or flight?

Hunt or gather?

Sing or not?

Use the manual or hope for the best?

Climb the tree or stay on the ground? (I’ve never climbed a tree, believe it or not)

Push or pull?

CAKE OR DEATH? (Easiest. Answer. Ever. Always choose the cake! Anyway, eventually death will choose you, so why rush it?)

<!– –>

OK, now you pick. Leave your choices in the comments, or make ’em in a post on your own blog.

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  • OK, I’m going to do it here if that’s ok.

    Get advice (I always second guess myself)
    To be
    Swim (though not well)
    PC (though I want to switch
    Color photos
    Have a job (I’d like to do the former)
    Lego (but poorly)
    Speed limit (+5 or so…)
    Cool bedrooom
    Sit it out (best for everybody)
    Speak now
    Not sing (see dance)
    Stay on the ground (acrophobic)
    Cake (except if it is lemon. I may chose death over that.

    Sorry to take up so much space…

  • Mike – Answering in the comments is fine; that’s actually what most people do on Meg’s blog. Thanks for playing!

    Looks like we picked a lot of the same things – must be the “great minds think alike” thing. 🙂 Two comments:
    PC or Mac – make the switch!
    Cake or death – I kind of agree with you about the lemon.