Welcome the Mid-Century Modern Moms!


There’s a new parenting blog on the scene – and it’s for those of us who are a little bit further along on the road of parenthood, with kids who have long since left the potty-training years behind (no pun intended) and are closer to the driving-lessons stage, or even past that. It’s about time, I say.

For true-life stories and discussion of the trials and tribulations of being the parent of older children – and becoming older ourselves – visit the Mid Century Modern Moms. Today’s the official “grand opening” of their group blog.

I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say, and participating in the conversation. As I approach my own mid-century mark (slowly – still just a bit closer to 40 than 50 at this point!), I have almost 24 years of mothering experience so far, and am no doing graduate work in step-parenting, so I expect that I’ll find a comfortable spot over there. If you are – or soon will be – a “mid-century modern mom” yourself, join me at their place, won’t you?

(Thanks to Ilona for the heads-up.)

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  • L.

    Thanks for the link and the post. I’ve socked it to you all with my grumblings about adolescent footwear. Now I have to come up with something equally … powerful … for Friday. Here’s hoping the kids are inspired and inspiring in the next couple of days.

    – Ilona

  • Ilona – Happy to do it, and support such a needed endeavor. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no doubt you’ll come up with a great post for Friday.

    I have to say that my husband disagrees with the “parenting” blog description – he feels that “mom” blog is more accurate. He tends to feel that dads get short shrift in the parent-blogging world, and I’m not sure he’s wrong.