Saturday Review 11/1: Transition Edition

Today’s the day we officially take possession of our new residence! The movers are coming on Monday, and we’ll be bouncing back and forth between our current apartment and the new townhouse for the next few days. I’ll be offline during the transition, since we have a cable modem and we’re having the cable shut off today at our old place; the new access won’t be hooked up until Tuesday. I have posts scheduled to […]

Saturday Review 10/25

Bulletin Board *****Tomorrow is Tall Paul’s birthday – stop by Blogenstein and wish him a happy day! *****Who says nobody walks in LA? The third annual Great Los Angeles Walk will take place on Saturday, November 22 – over 18 miles, from downtown (Union Station), down the full length of Santa Monica Blvd. Sign-up instructions are here. *****Starting in November, there will be TWO Bookworms Carnivals every month! Here’s the info on the upcoming carnivals: […]

Saturday Review 10-18

We’ve had a little distraction by fire this week – it’s that time of year in these parts. I Tweeted updates about it on Monday and Tuesday and blogged about it at the LA Moms Blog on Friday; also, here’s SoCal Mom‘s  “annual fire post” from the northern end of the San Fernando Valley. That, coupled with a shortened workweek and getting ready to move in just over two weeks (!), has caused me to […]

Saturday Review 10-11 (12, 13…oh, never mind)

Bulletin Board ****My friend April from It’s All About Balance (whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person last week, when we went to see 9 to 5: The Musical together) is coordinating a second “Blog Blast for Education” on October 24. Here’s her invitation to participate: Talk about your favorite teacher, talk about your consideration of homeschooling, talk about the dilemmas of inadequate funding, talk about your last PTA meeting, talk about your […]

Saturday Review 10-4 (good buddy)

Saturday Review 10-4 (good buddy)

(If you got that title reference, you are officially old enough to remember the 1970’s heyday of C.B. radio.) Bulletin Board *****Have you met my new widget over there in the sidebar? I’m participating in the 2008 DonorsChoose.Org Blogger Challenge with the Los Angeles Moms Blog! Your donation – as much or as little as you want – goes directly to support the specific classroom teacher project(s) you choose from this list. (By the way, […]

Saturday Review 9-27

Saturday Review 9-27

Bulletin Board – “my stuff” edition *****This is for my own personal cause – thanks for your consideration!     My mother died on October 8, 1999 after seven years in a nursing home with early-onset Alzheimer‘s. In remembrance of her, and to help raise funds to support patients, caregivers, and research into this disease, my sister and I have formed a team to participate in our local Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. We try to do […]

Saturday Review 9-20-08

Bulletin Board We’re making a quick out-of-town trip this weekend; Mom-in-law and two of her best friends all had milestone birthdays this year (one turned 70, two are 65 – and no, I won’t tell you which one she is), and they’re throwing themselves a great big combined birthday party tonight. I’m bringing the MacBook, but if I’m slow in responding to your comments, that’s why. *****TOMORROW (Sunday, Sept. 21) is the deadline for these […]

Saturday Review 9-13

Bulletin Board **** Banned Books Week is September 27-October 4th, and Caribousmom talks about a lot better than I could. **** Consider this a public service announcement: If you are tired of forwarded e-mails from your friends and relatives who keep sending you those “true” stories and political screeds they haven’t checked out on, no matter how many times you’ve asked them not to, there’s a website that will do the asking for you […]

Saturday Review 9-6-08

Bulletin Board *****Natasha at Maw Books Blog is devoting the month of September to Reading and Blogging for Darfur. Let her tell you all about it here. *****VOTING is on for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards – it started yesterday, and closes next Friday, September 12.  Click this link to get to the voting booth! If you nominated this blog in any of the categories, thank you! It didn’t make the finals, but some […]

Saturday Review – Holiday Weekend edition

Bulletin Board******Have YOU entered the Second Chance at Summer [Reading] Re-Gifting Giveaway yet? Click on that link to get the details. You’ve got until this coming Friday, September 5, to leave a comment on that post to enter (US residents only, please)!*******And in related news, my friend Karen is having a back-to-school giveaway on her blog, Nouvelle Blogger, inspired by this past week’s Ten on Tuesday topic – but you only have to tell her […]

Saturday Review 8-23-08

Bulletin Board****** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT here TOMORROW, so be sure to check back!******Blog Action Day 2008 will be held on October 15 – this year’s issue topic is “Poverty.” Find out more here. (I haven’t signed up yet as a participant myself, but I think it’s good to have plenty of lead time for these things, so I wanted to help get the word out now.)New in Google ReaderThe Big Piece of Cake, via AllMediocreCitizen Reader, […]

Saturday Review 8-17

Bulletin Board – the shameless self-promotion edition(I usually use this section to mention events around the blogiverse, but this time it’s [almost] all about me :-).)*******Have you been to the Bookworms Carnival yet? If not, please add it to your weekend calendar :-)! To those of you who found your way here because of the Bookworms Carnival – WELCOME! Thanks for coming by, and I hope you’ll visit often. Also, I’d also like to give […]