Saturday Review 8-17

Bulletin Board – the shameless self-promotion edition
(I usually use this section to mention events around the blogiverse, but this time it’s [almost] all about me :-).

*******Have you been to the Bookworms Carnival yet? If not, please add it to your weekend calendar :-)! To those of you who found your way here because of the Bookworms Carnival
WELCOME! Thanks for coming by, and I hope you’ll visit often. Also, I’d
also like to give one more big THANK YOU to all the participants, and to everyone who has linked to the Carnival to help promote it!

>> The September Bookworms Carnival will be hosted at Reading Derby,
and the deadline for submissions is September 12th. The theme is
“New-To-Me Authors.” Do you have a new literary crush you’ve just got
to share, or an author whose works you’ve finally gotten around to reading recently? E-mail the link(s) to your new or archived post(s) that fit this theme to darciebrand AT yahoo DOT com.

>> And looking ahead to the February 2009 Bookworms Carnival, its host, Jessica of The Bluestocking Society, has organized a reading challenge in keeping with its books-to-movies theme – find out about the “Lit Flicks Challenge” here.

********While we’re celebrating books and blogging, let’s make it official: Book Blogger Appreciation Week will be observed during the week of September 15-19! Find out more from My Friend Amy (that’s her blog’s name – we’ve never met), and sign up to be part of the fun!

********One benefit of being a contributor to the Los Angeles Moms Blog (and other blogs in the Silicon Valley Moms Group) is that your posts are eligible to be selected for national syndication – and last week, this post of mine
was one of four chosen from the group for distribution to syndicate
members. (No pay involved, but nice exposure.) It appeared on two local moms‘ websites, and was published online by several newspapers (I don’t know if it was actually in the paper itself): The Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, WA); The News & Observer (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC); The Olympian (Olympia, WA); Centre Daily (State College, PA); The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA); The Fresno Bee (Fresno, CA); The State (Columbia, SC); and The Bradenton Herald (Bradenton, FL).

********A couple of weeks ago, I was one of five people randomly selected by Literary Feline as winners of the Hachette Book Group’s Summer Reads Giveaway.
The 14 books (!) were delivered this week, and I’m still sorting
through them. Some really aren’t my thing, to be honest, so I may be
looking for new homes for them. I also won three swag bags (out of six I tried for) in an online raffle to help raise money for the MOMocrats‘ trip to the Democratic National Convention in Denver (they have press credentials, but have to pay their own way).

requires (free) registration, but if you’d like to help my husband get
some of his photographs featured in a local book, please go to the Capture Ventura County website. Sign up, find his pictures (search for “Paul Vasquez”), and give ’em the thumbs-up. Thanks!

New in Google Reader
Three more LA Moms Bloggers:
Los Angelista’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness
Traded My BMW for a Minivan
Everyday Goddess (another LA blogger, but not a mom)
On the “for the books” blogroll:
Bold. Blue. Adventure.
My Friend Amy, via Melody’s Reading Corner

Random reading

This is NOT good – Yosemite’s waterfalls have run dry.
This won’t be so good either – The 99 Cents Only Stores may not be “99-cents-only” for much longer.

This would have fit into the Bookworms Carnival very well.
You know who didn’t come to the Carnival? Dr. Seuss! But here’s what one (cynical) guy learned from him.

Coming to terms with the daughter that won’t be…and understanding how much wanting her may have really been about her mother. Speaking of mothers: seeing stay-at-home mothering as a career choice

Christianity and liberalismnot mutually exclusive

A language lesson – in Yiddish, and what not to read this week

Seems strangely appropriate to have a pair of posts on the topic of bra-shopping…(guys, feel free to skip these links, although one of them does have pictures)

Are y’all reading (The Customer Is) Not Always Right? I added it to my feeds a couple of weeks ago, and it’s usually good for a laugh or two a day. In this post, the customer was actually a little smarter than most, and here, the customers in a Belgian restaurant were rescued – from another customer.

Spam Subject Lines of the Week:
More of that Enquirer-style stuff –
Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton discuss sex in jail

John Edwards Admits to Fathering Clay Aiken’s Baby 
Batman and Robin: “We’re gay”

Book wishlist
Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan (I’ve been on the fence about this one, but I think Lisa’s book club has convinced me to go ahead with it)

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  1. That’s great that your post got picked up! Now you need to find a way to make money off of that. 🙂

    Hope some, or all of your husbands pictures get chosen,

  2. Congratulations on your blog post being chosen for syndication! What a great honor! Even if it’s just on the newspapers websites, there are some big named papers there! Congratulations too on all your wins!

    Thank you for the link to Vivian’s article. I agreed with so many of her points. It was quite a refreshing read.

    You’ve convinced me I need to subscribe to (The Customer Is) Not Always Right? blog. Haha Those stories were too funny. I especially like the second one. 🙂

  3. Mike – I’m pretty sure if any of his photos get into the book, there’s no money in that either :-). But like getting a post syndicated to newspapers – which I knew was possible, but certainly didn’t expect to happen so soon – sometimes you have to consider the exposure and experience payment enough.

    But yeah, cash would be nice some day :-).

    April – Thanks! I wasn’t sure about mentioning it, but what good is a personal blog if you can’t use it to brag on yourself once in awhile :-)?

    Literary Feline – Thanks for being one of the people who made me a “winner,” Wendy!

    I had actually heard of some of the newspapers that picked up the post, so that was pretty exciting.

    I love that Not Always Right blog. It cracks me up and makes me fear for the future of humanity at the same time.

    There’s an excellent follow-up to Vivian’s post on Morningside Mom’s blog (the commenter after you).

    Morningside Mom – Thanks for giving me yet another great post of yours to link to, AND for giving me a link on your blogroll :-)!