show and tell sunday

Reading? ‘Riting? Not Really! [Show and Tell Sunday]

Since not much has been going on with either of The 3 R’s Blog‘s first two R’s lately, this will be brief. In fact, it has come to this:

not reading riting daily todo list breaks

Yes, work breaks are a to-do list item right now

I’ve deliberately been holding back from reading books for the last week or so. I haven’t wanted to finish anything because I knew I would not have time to write about it, and I still haven’t written up the last audiobook I read. However, it’s worth noting that choosing to avoid books and audiobooks for a little while has given me a good opportunity to work through the backlogs in both my Feedly and my podcast app. I even added a new TV podcast to the rotation, thanks to Jessica at Quirky BookwormI don’t know when I’ll get around to a full rewatch of The West Wing, but I can re-experience it one episode at a time via The West Wing Weekly. (And given the current political climate, I reallyย appreciate revisiting the Bartlet administration!)

We’re just a few weeks away from BEA, people! There’s still plenty of room for you in the Book Bloggers at BEA 2016 in Chicago Facebook group if you want to connect with other bloggers before you go and confer on plans. Last week I booked airport shuttles, nailed down meetup plans with my roommate Kim, and got my business cards.

3rs Blog business card 2016

I would be getting more excited if I didn’t have to stay focused on the two audits going on at work right now…

renfaire 2016 collage

I’ll be doing errands this morning that I didn’t get to yesterday because we went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I may get to some reading this afternoon–or I may not, if we decide to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens.ย How are you spending this Sunday?

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  1. BEA isn’t going to work out for me this year and I’m really bummed about it.

  2. One year I would love to go to BEA but the exchange has been so bad, the US is not an ideal travel location at the moment!