spring 2016 bloggiesta

Things to Do for Spring Bloggiesta

So this happened yesterday, and I didn’t mention it here:

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I probably wouldn’t make much of a to-do over this particular blog birthday, and I still feel that way. That said, a blogiversary always feels like a particularly appropriate time to sit back and take stock. When I realized that this blogiversary would fall just before the week-long Spring Bloggiesta, I just couldn’t pass up the timing to evaluate the State of the Blog.

I won’t have all that much time to spend on blog housekeeping during Bloggiesta week, so I’m keeping my to-do list short and kind of vague.

  • Assess The 3 R’s Blog at 90 days self-hosted. I moved the blog to self-hosted WordPress just before Christmas, and I want to assess whether I want to make any changes its look and feel. I did a lot of cleanup in connection with the migration from Blogger, but there may be other features that would be good to add or things that could be streamlined or re-styled:
    • I think that tags and categories still need some work
    • I’m considering adding a page of favorite or “showcase” posts
    • Related to “style” matters, I need to finish the Master Customizer CSS course 
  • Update my books and review links on LibraryThing, where my catalog still looks like 2015 
  • Participate in the Bookish Mastermind Groups mini-challenge (have you signed up yet?)
  • Do at least one other mini-challenge–the other Spring ones aren’t posted yet, but there are plenty of great ideas from previous Bloggiestas!

Regarding that first item, I’m asking a favor:  If you’re self-hosted and have features to suggest and/or plugins to recommend, please share in the comments!

I have a couple of days off right after Bloggiesta ends on March 27–I’m extending Birthday Weekend to my actual birthday on Tuesday, March 29–so I may grant myself a short extension for things I don’t quite get through before the week is out. Birthdays are also an excellent time to sit back and take stock.

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  1. these look like great goals! I did not know about the bookish mastermind group until you mentioned it. I signed up!

  2. I LOVE the idea of a favorites or showcase page!! I might have to steal that idea from you.

    1. I had a page like that when I was on Blogger and I’d like to recreate it in some form, but I’m kind of dreading sifting through 9 years and nearly 2400 posts to decide what to include :-). Feel free to run with this!

  3. woohoo! happy birthday Florinda & The 3R’s! Nine years is truly an accomplishment. Kudos to you for sticking with this crazy thing called blogging! And a huge thank you for sharing about the mastermind groups! I’m so excited about the response and hope it becomes a successful endeavor for us all! Sending you a huge bouquet of virtual balloons!