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Bloggiesta Bust…and a Bit of a Blog Break

My only Bloggiesta accomplishments were connecting with my Bookish Masterminds group and participating in last Monday’s Twitter chat, which was scheduled during my lunch hour–I did not get to anything else on my Bloggiesta to-do list. But I’m not actually all that surprised by the #fail, to be honest–I knew the event coincided with a busy week of work and non-blog life. I also knew I’d have a couple of days off right after to try to get things done, and that was my fallback position.

Since Monday is kind of full for a day off, I may not get much done till Tuesday. Right now, it looks like I’ll spend my birthday writing up a book review or two and updating LibraryThing. The LT update will now include logging in my first new book purchases in ages. I went to the bookstore to get some birthday gifts for my dad, and picked up a few for myself while I was at it.

new books march 2016 blog break
This is what happens when I haven’t been in a bookstore for too long.

I’ve already read one of the books I bought, I’ve heard good things about a couple of the others, and the rest just looked interesting. Not pictured: the travel guide to Italy I also picked up–that one looked just plain useful.

Next: A Bit of a Blog Break

I have a personal policy of not working on my birthday, and this year, I’m especially glad to have a couple of days off for my extended Birthday Weekend. At the office, it looks like April will indeed be the cruelest month.

I already expected to be going back and forth with the CPAs all month to meet the mid-May deadline to issue my agency’s 2015 financial reports. I’m (mostly) mentally prepared for that, with a little extra sense of urgency to get my part of things done before I take off for Book Expo America–we’ve had a solid, consistent working relationship with our audit firm for years.

What I did not anticipate was that our agency would also be selected by the County Auditor-Controller to start the long-rumored, dreaded “mega-audit” on April 12. I will now be spending most of April juggling two sets of auditors in addition to my regular work responsibilities.

Something has to give, and in the interest of not having it be my sanity, it will be any semblance of regular blogging. This space will continue to operate as my reading journal, but I’m not promising it will be much more than that for the next couple of months.

It looks like this might be just the right time to quit resisting the adult coloring book trend–they’re supposed to be great for de-stressing! But honestly, should be no surprise to anyone that if I was going to cave on that, this would be what did it:

blog break coloring book doctor who

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. blogging breaks are good for the soul….i think i should start a book with that title! hmmm, i might be on to something! 😉 take a break dearest and know we will all be around when you return!

    1. We’ve never had one before, but I suspect it WILL be the worst thing ever! (And I reminded my boss that I will be gone for a week in May, whether this thing is done or not!) I suspect I will be VERY ready to throw myself into BEA when the time comes.