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RISE To Meet a New Year: #OneWord for 2016

Reading Kerry’s reflections on her “words” for this year and last, I realized that her one-word resolution for 2016 had been mine for 2015. My #OneWord for the year had chosen with good and hopeful intentions, but even before February arrived it looked like it might not be something I could live up to, and before long, I pretty much forgot about it entirely. The year of cancer didn’t bring me all that much I wanted to make the effort to savor, quite frankly.


Just for fun, I asked Facebook what my OneWord for this year might be, and it told me this:

2016 word happiness


I would love for Facebook to be right about this…who wouldn’t? But when I don’t let Facebook choose for me, I find myself with something in mind more like what Sheila mentioned about in reflecting on her 2015 word:

Even in this.  EVEN in this….

I must emerge.

I put the necklace back on.  It has new meaning.  A harder meaning.  Not the energetic “Run with the bulls” attitude I came into 2015 with… but a more humbling one.  I emerge.  Daily.  I rise… again.  I put my head up, I wipe away my tears and I do this every day for my son.  I emerge.

2016 arrives with challenges already in hand, brought forward from the year just ended, and I am sure it has plenty of others it will surprise me with in the months to come. My challenge is not to retreat, but to act on

my #OneWord resolution for 2016, RISE.
  • rise to the challenges
  • rise to the opportunities
  • rise to lift myself out of my comfort zone
  • rise to reach for better, and for more


Are you ready to rise to greet this new year?

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  1. I am ready to rise to greet the new year. Of course, our newest cat helped this morning ;). I like how you referenced Sheila’s post as inspiration. I had similar inspiration for my word this year too.

  2. Beautiful.I popped in to see your one word and cried when I seen you quoted from my one word reflection post. It is so true that I did not end up with the meaning I had hoped for but somehow it still applied. Excellent word choice for you Florinda. I hope I will be able to see you this year at BEA.

  3. Another great word.

    Rise is a wonderful word. I like it.

    Mine is: NO

    I need to learn to say NO. I haven’t made it official, though, or not sure it is a good word, but I do need to stop overextending myself.