Show-and-Tell Sunday, No-Mo' NaBloPoMo

It happens. A blogger succeeds at posting daily for 30 days, then disappears for nearly a week after it’s all over. I could say I felt like I’d earned the break, but that would only be a partial explanation. 
Since my father was released from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, he’s needed more attention on a day-to-day basis. It’s fortunate that he, my sister, and I all live in the same town. It’s even more fortunate–for him–that my sister also works here in town  (and her job isn’t 40 hours a week), but unfortunately that means the bulk of responsibility for him falls to her. If I’m being honest, that’s actually been quite fortunate for me too, but I’ve been trying to step up and share the work. We both check in with him by phone daily, and I’ve stopped by his place on my way home from work a few times to help him get his dinner ready and tend to whatever else might need doing. He’s getting some in-home health assistance for another few weeks, and we got him a LifeLine alert system in case he takes another fall. He’s doing much better now than he was a week ago, but at his age (87 in March), we’re probably looking at a new normal.
My office is also acclimating to a new normal, after a couple of months of shifting responsibilities around and finally getting someone hired for our new accounting-analyst position. She seems highly capable and motivated going into her second week; I’m more confident about her abilities than I am about my own ability to get her trained and up to speed, so wish us all luck! I hired her for her experience and qualifications; I didn’t learn till after she’d started that she’s a dog person and a big reader, but both of those attributes are certainly in her favor!
I’ve barely had time for reading or writing lately, and when I have had time, I haven’t had the brainpower. I got the list of February galley choices from Shelf Awareness a couple of days ago, and I haven’t even cracked any of my January picks yet! I’ve been thinking about taking a few months off from that review work–lately, my only “free” reading has been audiobooks–but then I get a list of great options and decide not to stop yet. I’m hoping to make a dent in my review-writing backlog today, and maybe even crack open one if those new galleys. It could happen! What’s happening with you this weekend?

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  1. My mom will be 89 next month and Carl’s dad is 80 so I have an idea of what y’all are going through and I know it’s not easy. I’m thinking of you!

  2. Been following your adventures with your father — and his adventures too — here and on Facebook. I’m glad to hear he’s doing better, and with aging parents myself, I think my sister and I will be dealing with the “new normal” in the future ourselves. As for this weekend, just relaxing today after a busy couple of days, Friday and Saturday at work.

  3. it sounds like a busy time in your life. I hope you can find a few moments each day to rejuvenate … do something just for you.

  4. It’s not easy … this has been one hell of year for my family. And THANK GOD for siblings you can rely on.