Show & Tell Sunday: Mid-November Edition

I finally made a graphic for this Sunday post thing I’ve been doing.

My one-week-at-a-time approach to NaBloPoMo November worked for a second week, and it looks like I may be on track to make it a third. Some of you may be wondering what’s happened to the books, though. Well, as so often happens when the emphasis shifts to blogging, this thing has reared its head again:
the book blogger paradox The 3 Rs Blog

However, I do have two book discussions slated to go up here this coming week, and I’ve got two nonfiction audiobooks in the queue–one from the library, and one for a Nonfiction November Read-along.

And this week, there was this thing:

My score suggests that I’m not nearly as book-nerdy as I thought–barely 60%. How big a book nerd are you? 
It was chilly enough one evening this week to light up the fireplace for the first time this season. It was lovely and cozy and I look forward to doing it again soon–the weather forecast is calling for nighttime temperatures in the 40s for the next few days. But it’s also calling for a daytime high of 80 degrees this coming Friday. Ah, fall in Southern California!
This is what a fortune cookie told me last night. I’m not sure I like fortunes to be this specific, to be honest–it can make me wonder if I actually should be doing something about them. That said, this one’s also rather intriguing. Given that creativity in accounting can lead to breaches of both ethics and the law and is therefore quite frowned upon, I like the implication that this “new job” probably won’t be something involving numbers!
We’re going to the movies this afternoon to see Spectre. (I’m tucking a book in my purse in case there’s any time to read before the show.) What are you up to this Sunday?

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  1. According to the Book Nerd Quiz, I am also not as book nerdy as I expected. My score was equal to yours. I can’t believe I’m a failure as a book nerd. I don’t even know myself anymore! LOL

  2. It’s cool enough here for a fire but we don’t like the gas logs we have so we never light them.