A Word to SAVOR in 2015

My Word for 2015 came to me on a walk in the park with Winchester.

To me, SAVOR references PRESENT, my word for 2014, but feels more specific.

  • It means mindfulness of the moment.
  • It means taking moments to assess and reflect.
  • It means wandering off the path sometimes.
  • It means letting go and jumping in.
  • It probably means some things I can’t quite identify yet, but I will savor discovering them.

Happy New Year! I hope it brings you much to savor.

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  1. Wonderful word! I learned how to do this more a few years ago and I swear I am much less crazy now. Before I was going a mile a minute all of the time, not thinking I would never see someone again, or do something again, not stopping to smell the roses or even see them as I whizzed past. I learned mindfulness techniques in college but did not really apply them until about 7 years later. It is nice to remind ourselves that life is meant to be enjoyed not just survived!

  2. Savor is good way to describe what I feel when I hike. Often I push my body to overcome emotional stressors I experience from daily life and work. Literally it feels like I'm detoxing. Once the peak is reached a sense of calmness takes over my body and I'm able to savor the space around me and people who occupy that space with me. It's a wonderful feeling – one I seek each weekend. Savor…love it!

  3. Love this word! I, sadly, cannot even remember what my word was for 2014. Clearly I did not make it the focus I should have. Hope you can that that with savor!