Sunday Salon: Reading Resolutions, Rejected

I have an entire week off from work!

The Sunday Salon at The 3 Rs Blog

Some of the time will be occupied by holiday-related activities, of course. There’s still some shopping and gift-wrapping to be done (fortunately, not all of it’s mine). We will have visitors and houseguests. There will be cooking and baking and Christmas Eve dinner for three generations of the family. There will be gift-unwrapping, and silly pictures, and sticking bows on the dogs.

There will probably not be much blogging after Tuesday. I will probably be working behind-the-scenes on my “2014 in Review” posts, but odds are that those won’t be published till the first week of 2015.

I will be reading when I can, however. I’ve decided that a Christmas break calls for the kind of reading I did when I actually had Christmas breaks–I have planned a YA-fiction binge. I may even drag it out through New Year’s, but we’ll see how it goes. I started yesterday with We Were Liars, and haven’t yet decided what will be next, but between what’s in the iPad* and what’s on my shelves, I’ve got a lot of possibilities.

*On a related note, here’s an interesting tidbit that certainly applies to me:

“It now seems clear that the healthiest market for trade books in 2014 includes adults who buy ebook versions of YA/Children’s books.”

“Are You an Adult Who Reads YA Novels? Congratulations, You Saved Publishing in 2014” at Flavorwire

Thinking about reading “possibilities” lately has also made me think about reading “resolutions”–it’s that time of year, I guess. And as usual, my chief resolution is that I probably won’t make any reading resolutions for 2015. Here are a couple of resolutions that I have–at least for now–rejected:

  • Join (or start) a face-to-face book club. I do not intend to stop blogging about what I read. But I’ve been starting to wish I had some people to talk about about books with, in person, on some sort of regular basis. I’d want some of the books we’d talk about to be nonfiction, and I think I’d want to shy away from typically “book-club” fiction. However, if you read this blog, live in my area, and might be interested in such a book club, holler!
  • Read at least one book from the shelves–-the physical TBR-–every month. I would like to commit to this, but I’d probably just frustrate myself if I did, partly because I don’t plan to stop reading books I get paid to review. That said, I don’t plan to read many books I don’t get paid for unless I already own them. And that said, I will probably continue to use audiobooks to get around to reading books that have sat on my shelves unread for an excessive amount of time.
If you’re looking for some “reading possibilities” of your own during the holidays, check out the titles voted in as “2014 Book Blogger Top Picks” at River City Reading.

The Weekly Winchester

Merry Christmas from Winchester
This is a weird-smelling tree. And what’s it doing in my house, anyway?

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