Randomness: Four Things for Thursday

No, this is not the “Four Things” meme (not today, anyway). I actually have a proper Week-End Review to post tomorrow, so here are some Thursday Tidbits to mention.

Sign-ups are open for the second year of Armchair BEA! Over 200 people have already signed up, and even though this virtual conference has no capacity limits, what are you waiting for? If you’re not going to be in New York City next month for Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention, you’ll want to be part of this – we’ll have prompts and themes for daily blogging, panel discussions, giveaways galore, and lots of opportunities to connect with other book bloggers. And although I actually will be at BEA/BBC, I have no intention of missing out on the Armchair BEA fun; I’m proud to be one of the event’s founders, and am back this year as part of the organizing team and a participant! Also, be sure to check out the new look of the Armchair BEA site, thanks to Pam from Bookalicious!

But before BEA – on-site or Armchair – the LA Times Festival of Books is coming…and this year, I won’t be going. Tall Paul and I will be attending a family wedding in West Covina that evening, and earlier in the day, we’ll be at the Anaheim Comic Con. (We do plan to change clothes in betweem events, don’t worry.) I’ll miss the SoCal book blogger meet-up that usually happens at the Festival, but it seems I may not be the only one; as Ti asked yesterday, is anyone going to LATFoB this year? We are going to have to make plans for an alternative get-together, folks!

And if you are going to be in NYC for BEA/BBC and you’d like to make plans to meet up with other book bloggers, have you added your contact info to Dawn‘s list yet? Also, if you don’t mind, tell me – right here! I’m arriving in New York on Monday, May 23 (late afternoon) and staying through Saturday morning, and except for Thursday and Friday, my plans are pretty fluid right now. Maybe we can get together at some point?

This last item has nothing to do with anything related to book festivals – I just haven’t brought you a Blogthings Quiz of the Week for a while.

You Are California

You are cutting edge and diverse. People may call you flaky, but you can’t help that you have a lot going on.

In general, you are friendly and laid back. There’s nothing you like better than a quiet afternoon at the beach.
You are socially progressive and open minded. Anyone is welcome into your circle of friends.

You may be a bit image conscious, but you understand that appearances matter!

I guess it’s a good thing I live here, then. But lately, I’d say my state is Confusion.

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