Ten on Tuesday: I can haz that? No, cuz I dont haz money

I haven’t really been inspired by Ten on Tuesday recently, but I thought I could have some fun with the prompt “Ten Things You Want, but Can’t Afford.” What made it especially fun is that it also inspired Tall Paul to make a list of his own and post it on the long-dormant Blogenstein! (Blogging hasn’t taken hold with him like it has with me, but he’s on Facebook much more than I am and he’s learned to appreciate Twitter.)

In no particular order, here are ten things that would be awfully nice to have, should I ever have the means to obtain them:

A new car

(This probably needs to happen in the next year or two, no matter what; my Honda Civic is almost 9 years old and approaching 170,000 miles. Fortunately, I actually like small, economical cars. I have my eye on a Honda Fit.)

A house with a bigger kitchen and an extra bedroom

(I don’t have to own the house, to be honest, and even though we could use a bit more living space, I really like the house we’ve been renting for the last year. But I’ve moved three times in seven years, and I’d like to be able to put down some roots for awhile. I’d actually swap the larger house for knowing we could stay in this one for years to come.)

New furniture for the living and dining areas, including more bookcases!

(I’m not sure where we’d put the bookcases in the house we’re in now – but seriously, we really could use a new sofa)

A cleaning service

(Because nearly every family I know where both the adults work has one, so why not us? Besides, it would be nice to get that weekend time we have to use for housecleaning back for something more fun)

A 17-inch MacBook Pro

(I don’t need this, let’s be honest. But the larger screen would be nice.)

A week at a luxury hotel in a major city (San Francisco or New York would both be fine)

(The “major city” means that I’d be able to find plenty of things to do when not lounging around the hotel)

Two weeks in Hawaii

An entire summer off to road-trip around the country

First-class plane travel for the rest of my life

(Since I can’t always travel by car)

Early retirement

(So I’ll have time for all that traveling, and for other things that are much more fun the ol’ nine-to-five!)

Your turn – tell me one thing you want, but can’t afford!

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  1. I would buy a house where there was an entire room for Legos and cars to live – where Lightening McQueen was Mayor – oh sorry, that's my son's list. I would buy a Lamborghini. Oh sorry – that's my other son's. Since I can't buy more time, I would want enough money to pay for a two week vacation with my extended family where we could do as many fun extra activities as we wanted because cost was not an option.

  2. Very fun! I'm totally with you on the cleaning service and the first-class plane tickets! I'd add a little cabin getaway in the woods with a cozy fireplace, a beautiful view, and a fully stocked wine cellar!

  3. Marice – Thanks for stopping by :-).

    Kathy (Bermudaonion) – I'm kind of ambivalent about smartphones, although my husband swears he can't remember how he lived before his iPhone.

    Teresa – Hey, are you counting us in the "extended family" for that two-week vacation :-)? And I think a Lego room would actually be pretty cool.

    Amy Reads – My in-laws actually have that cabin :-). And I've never flown first class, but I suspect that if I did, I'd like it A LOT.

  4. I loved the title of this one- it made me laugh this morning when I first saw it!!!!

    Oh, the list of things that I want-extensive! First of all, high-speed internet. We don't have it now because we live in the middle of nowhere, and it hasn't gotten out here yet. Oh, to not have to do my blogging with dial-up!!! Second, I'm with you, I would love a house where I can put down roots. We've been living in our (rented) home for three years not, BUT would love a little piece of land of our own. Finally, a vacation. My poor overworked hubby hasn't take a week off in three years. He needs a break. We need a break- preferably somewhere nice! Oh, wait, one more thing- a massage! I haven't had one of those in over 8 years, and would love another one. I'll just keep asking for one for Christmas until my hubby gets the hint, LOL!

  5. Nicole – Oh, I think I have some idea :-). My 13-inch MacBook is not quite 2 years old and is perfectly fine, so I can't justify the upgrade. Darn it.

    Jonita – I couldn't resist the LOLspeak this time, for some reason :-).

    Now that I have high-speed internet, I'd hate to live without it! And I hope your husband takes the hint about the massage for Christmas.

    Joanne – So we do :-). Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Jeanne – I know a few people who've been there. I think my parents' honeymoon was on Kauai and Oahu. I just don't want to start and end with Honolulu if I go.

  7. I can see having fun with a list like this. 🙂 My husband is quite found of his Civic too. It's a great car. The Fit sounds good too. It's no wonder you want one!

    Oh! A house would definitely be on my list. I'd love new furniture. And a cleaning service! That would be heaven. I had a maid service coming in when we lived in our apartment (silly, I know), but it was so nice having more time for ourselves sine we were both working such crazy hours at the time. When we bought the house, I had to give that up because of the cost.

    Early retirement would be a dream come true–but I'd have to have enough money so that I could do everything I want and not have to work unless I want to.

  8. Wendy (Literary Feline) – I'm not sure that the Fit has all the features I'd like, but I'm sure we'll look into it more. Tall Paul says it's surprisingly roomy for such a small car. And he's already picked out my vanity plate: WEE FIT :-).

    I guess a house is particularly relevant for you these days, isn't it?

    One pre-condition of early retirement would definitely be having plenty of money in the bank. That's why my husband buys a lottery ticket every week :-).